"I'm here for Kim" — Novelist Kola Boof says she will "obliterate" Diddy and Cassie Ventura if they sue her for speaking up for Kim Porter

(Image via @Writer Kola Boof/Facebook and @diddy/Instagram)
Novelist Kola Boof accused Diddy of abusing his ex-partner Kim Porter in light of Cassie Ventura's viral video footage (Image via @Writer Kola Boof/Facebook and @diddy/Instagram)

In a series of tweets, Novelist Kola Boof rose to the defense of her alleged friend Kim Porter, claiming Sean "Diddy" Combs abused the latter.

Disclaimer: The following article mentions r*pe, domestic abuse, and assault, which may be triggering for some. Readers' discretion is advised.

On May 19, Boof acknowledged the supposed abuse that Cassie Ventura underwent in light of the resurfaced video showing Diddy allegedly attacking her in the now-closed InterContinental Hotel in Century City, Los Angeles, in 2016. Boof also promised to "obliterate" Ventura and Diddy if they tried to stop her from speaking up about Porter.

"If she tries to sue me for speaking up for KIM PORTER--I will obliterate her. Point blank. And that goes for DIDDY too. I'm here for Kim."

Sudanese-American novelist Kola Boof is known for her feminist literature and outspoken personality. On May 18, 2024, she posted a series of tweets alleging that Diddy abused Kim Porter, his late ex-girlfriend and mother to three of his seven children. Kim Porter reportedly died of pneumonia in 2018.

Kola Boof alleged Diddy played a part in Kim Porter's death

Cassie Ventura sued her ex-partner Diddy in federal court on November 16, 2023, accusing him of r*pe and a decade-long pattern of abuse that began when she was 19 years old. The case was quickly settled for an undisclosed sum of money one day after the lawsuit was filed.

On May 16, 2024, footage of Diddy assaulting Ventura went viral on social media after CNN posted it. According to Hot New Hip Hop, novelist Kola Boof sympathized with Ventura for her supposed assault but then made several insinuations against her and Diddy regarding Kim Porter.

In a tweet posted on May 18, Boof alleged that Diddy played a part in Kim Porter's death, skeptical at the fact that a "47 yr. old wealthy BLACK WOMAN" simply "just up and DIED from pneumonia."

She also alleged that Cassie Ventura let herself be "flaunted" at Porter's home, laughing as Diddy abused Porter, among other accusations.

"Diddy was a motherf*cker. Ya'll would not even BEGIN to believe the way he treated KIM PORTER -- and (ironically) CASSIE back then allowed herself to be used to disrespect Kim in her own home. Cassie let herself be flaunted in Kim's face--LAUGHED at Diddy beating Kim. Was awful," she wrote.

Kola Boof also released an official statement after her lawyers talked to Ventura's and Diddy's lawyers.

She claimed she met Porter at a Hollywood Charity event, following which they went for dinner with some friends. The two women allegedly exchanged phone numbers and talked constantly over the next two years.

She called Kim Porter a "kind person," elaborating on how Porter would allegedly talk to her about the abuse Diddy inflicted on her. She recalled Porter telling her she was writing a book about her life. A few weeks after that, Kola Boof claimed she saw Porter's death on the news.

After the video of Diddy supposedly abusing Ventura went viral, Boof decided it was time to support her alleged friend.

Kola Boof's statement on social media (Image via @KolaBoof3/X)
Kola Boof's statement on social media (Image via @KolaBoof3/X)

In Kola Boof's latest tweet about Diddy and Ventura, she said she was on the latter's side, who was "just as much a victim as Kim Porter."

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