"My Worst Fear Came True"— Chynna Phillips to have 14-inch tumor removed from her left leg through surgery

William Baldwin and Chynna Phillips at Disney World in Florida
Chynna Phillips with husband William Baldwin at Disney World (Image via Getty)

American singer Chynna Phillips announced she is weeks away from having a 14-inch tumor surgically removed from her leg. The Hold On hitmaker took to her YouTube channel on Tuesday, April 23, 2024, to share the news in a video titled, My Worst Fear Came True, with the description

"The one thing that I never imagined could happen to me did. I am so upset with myself for not seeing the writing on the wall. This goes to show that it could actually happen to anybody! Join me on my California walk around the holy block as I process all that's happened."

Phillips begins her video by walking around a neighborhood in Los Angeles, updating viewers about her life. She then explained that she's had the tumor since she was a "little girl" but isn't sure if she was born with it, adding that it was "totally benign." The 56-year-old stated her surgery is "eight weeks away."

"I'm absolutely petrified of anesthesia" Chynna Phillips speaks up about her worries in light of her upcoming surgery

Chynna Phillips is an American musician and actress best known for her pop band, 'Wilson Phillips'. She began her career in acting, appearing in films and TV shows including Roxanne: The Prize Pulitzer, Caddyshack II, Say Anything, and Danny Phantom. Her songs (as part of Wilson Philips) Hold On, Release Me, and You're in Love have topped charts in the U.S.

Talking about her fears as she faces her upcoming surgery, the 56-year-old admitted that while there are "so many different things that she's crying about," she is most worried about going under the knife.

She said

"I'm absolutely petrified of anesthesia, and I don't know, I just feel like it's the closest thing to death going under; I mean, it actually is. It's the closest thing to being dead, which is probably not the best way for me to be processing anesthesia, but I can't help it. I've had it so many times."

Chynna Phillips continued to recount a few times she received anesthesia in the past, including previous surgeries on her leg and the time when she had her breast implants removed.

She continued

"This will be my fifth surgery on my leg. Look, I’m not complaining; I’m just saying I’ve had lots of surgeries. I’m sick of it. I don’t like anesthesia, and I’m just kind of going in kicking and screaming."

Chynna Phillips added that while she is scared about her upcoming procedure, she should focus her energies on turning "worries into prayers.” She stated it was "frustrating," but it will all "work out just fine in Jesus' name, amen."

Chynna Phillips has been married to actor William Baldwin since 1995, and the couple shares three children: Jameson, Brooke, and Vance. In her video, Phillips admitted that moving to the west coast has led them to bicker and argue, but added that they are trying to communicate better.

She stated

"And Billy's my life partner. He's the one I want to have the healthiest relationship with."

Earlier this January, the singer admitted to experiencing a "real struggle" in her marriage in another YouTube video. She added that they "separated for six months" but did not specify when. However, she ended the clip on a hopeful note, stating that she was looking forward to a new year and finding the "one thing" they could do together.

No other updates about Phillips's surgery have been released at this time.

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