"Absolutely outrageous" Fans react to Riley Gaines denouncing Sadie (Camden) Schreiner's participation in women's sports

Riley Gaines criticizes transgender athlete on recording third fastest time.
Riley Gaines criticizes transgender athlete on recording third fastest time.

Riley Gaines recently took a dig at a transgender athlete for recording the third-highest time at a D3 Collegiate level.

Sadie Schreiner, a transgender athlete, recorded a time of 25.27 seconds in the 200m race to qualify for the Atlantic Region Championship in January. The transgender athlete from the Rochester Institute of Technology now holds the third-fastest D3 Collegiate timing in the women's category.

Gaines, who has been an ardent opponent of transgender athletes competing against women, slammed the college athlete on X (formerly known as Twitter), stating that the particular time stands on the 1,619th rank in the men's category.

"Sadie (Camden) Schreiner's time in the 200m makes him the 3rd fastest D3 collegiate runner in the nation in the women's category. For perspective, his time ranks him 1,619th in his rightful category of the men's division."
"1619th->3rd. But no yeah men can totally become women," Gaines wrote.

In line with her views, fans vehemently condemned the trans athlete saying,

"Absolutely outrageous!! Women's sports are being destroyed by MEN!"

Another fan wrote,

"He left his dignity behind and began pretending to be a woman..."

Another fan criticized RIT for allowing the transgender athlete to compete in women's sports, saying,

"Shame on Rochester Institute of Technology for permitting him to represent their great school. Sad!!!"

A fan panned the trans athlete by calling the incident a mockery of women's sports.

"This makes an absolute mockery of the very concept of Women's sports."

Another fan rebuked the athlete along with the parents and wrote,

"I have absolute contempt for everyone that allows this to happen. Especially his parents and extended family."

Here are a few other reactions:

Riley Gaines rebukes Lia Thomas for legal proceedings against World Aquatics

Riley Gaines criticizes Lia Thomas for suing World Aquatics.
Riley Gaines criticizes Lia Thomas for suing World Aquatics.

Riley Gaines recently knocked Lia Thomas, a transgender athlete, for initiating a legal challenge against World Aquatics.

Gaines has opposed Thomas since the 2022 NCAA Championships when both swimmers tied for fifth place in the 200-yard freestyle event. However, only the transgender athlete was presented with the fifth-place trophy. Gaines was asked to pose with the sixth-place trophy and, according to her account, was informed that she would receive the trophy in the mail.

Pursuing her Olympic aspirations, Thomas sued World Aquatics for banning trans athletes from competing in women's sports. Riley Gaines flayed Thomas saying,

"There is no merit to this case. World Aquatics and FINA, which is the international governing body of swimming, were really the first ones to prioritize fairness in sports."
"World Aquatics went as far as to create a third category, which Thomas hasn't competed in this 3rd category. He only wants to compete if he can take titles, prize money, sponsorships, & scholarships away from women," Gaines continued.

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