Bayshore Marathon 2024: Schedule, order of events, where to watch, and more

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All you need to know about the schedule and order of the events of the Bayshore Marathon (photo: Getty)

The Bayshore Marathon 2024 is all set to be held on May 25, Saturday in and around the neighborhood of Bayshore, Michigan. Established in 1983, the 2024 event of the marathon will be its 42nd edition.

Besides being a major marathon event it is also considered a major qualifying event for the prestigious Boston Marathons and is weighed in high esteem by the Boston Athletic Association itself.

The Bayshore Marathon features events such as the Full Marathon, Half Marathon, and 10K races, aside from a 1.2-mile event sponsored by Munson Healthcare. The organizers take complete care of the safety and security of the kids and employ numerous volunteers for their help throughout the race.

Additionally, organizers have installed various aid points throughout the course to help provide the participants with water and Gatorade. The event gives a minimal prize money of $1000 for the winners of the races, and $500 for the runner-ups. $500 is also awarded for breaking a course record in the event.

Registration for the event began last year and the window for further registrations has been stopped as all the senior elite races have reached their maximum participant strength.

Despite the course of the Bayshore Marathon consisting of a beautiful view of Lake Michigan on one side and the cherry blossoms of Traverse City on the other, the spectator capacity for the race is limited. Audiences will be permitted in some of the points of the race since the event concludes in a small neighborhood, unlike the Boston and London Marathons.

With the 2024 edition of the marathon remains just a couple of sleeps away, let's look at the complete schedule of the various races of the event.

Bayshore Marathon 2024: Schedule and Order of Events

Marathon events (Photo: Getty)
Marathon events (Photo: Getty)

Here is the complete schedule of the 2024 edition of the Mayshore Marathons:

7:15 AM ET- Full Marathon Event (Include both men and women's)

7:30 AM ET- Half Marathon Event (Include both men and women's)

7:30 AM ET- 10K Run Event (Include both men and women's)

1:15 PM ET- Closing time for the Marathon Events

1:30 PM ET- Kids Marathon Event (Include both boys and girls)

Bayshore Marathon 2024: Where to Watch

Marathon events (Photo: Getty)
Marathon events (Photo: Getty)

All the races of the 2024 edition of the Bayshore Marathon will be live-streamed on the official page of UpNorthLive. Sports director of the marathon, Harrison Beeby will begin the live coverage of the event.

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