Brooklyn Half Marathon 2024 Results: Aaron Gruen and Hannah Rowe win men's and women's elite competition

2023 TCS New York City Marathon
2023 TCS New York City Marathon

The Brooklyn Half Marathon was held on April 28, 2024, in and around the city of Brooklyn. The marathon, which covers a distance of more than 13 miles has grown into a major marathon event in Brooklyn and New York.

The race course of the event starts on the Northern outskirts of Brooklyn and then covers Williamsburg, Manhattan, and Brooklyn Bridge to finally finish at Prospect Park.

The 2024 edition of the Brooklyn Half Marathon saw more than 20,000 marathon runners take part in the competition which started at 5 PM ET and continued till 2 PM ET.

Throughout the race, the organizing committee of the Brooklyn Half Marathon took complete care of the hydration of the runners. The organizing committee arranged for restrooms, water, and other hydration drinks every two miles of the race.

The 2024 edition of Brooklyn Half Marathon 2024 saw Aaron Gruen, a 25-year-old marathon runner from R1 Providence clinch the first position in the marathon with a run time of 1:05:54. Ryan Cutter from Brooklyn and Isamme El Jazzouli from Paterson, New Jersey finished second and third in the race with run times of 1:6:26 and 1;07:04 respectively.

Brooklyn Half Marathon 2024: Complete Results

Aaron Gruen
Aaron Gruen

Here is the complete result of all the events of the Brooklyn Half City Marathon 2024:

Elite Half Marathon event (Male Category):

1. Aaron Gruen (Bib No. 17), Unattached- 1:05:54

2. Ryan Cutter (Bib No.6), Brooklyn Track Club- 1:06:26

3. Issame El Jazouli (Bib No.1), Garden State- 1:07:04

4. Jordan Daniel (Bib No.19), Elitefeats- 1:11:01

5. Thomas Lingard (Bib No.11284), Unattached- 1:11:22

Female Category:

1. Hannah Rowe (Bib No.16), Green Racing Project- 1:16:11

2. Alexandra Conway (Bib No.8), Central Park Track Club- 1:18:58

3. Stephanie Muscat (Bib No.3), Unattached- 1:19:59

4. Kira Chase (Bib No.10754), Unattached- 1:20:31

5. Hannah Butler (Bib No.65), Impala Racing Team- 1:21:20

Handcycle event:

1. Jessica Hayon (Bib No.11435), Achilles International NYC- 1:07:11

2. Akeem Kearse (Bib No.11440), Achilles International NYC- 1:17:47

3. Katherine Valdez (Bib No.11434), Achilles International NYC- 1:21:29

4. Rubin Berrios (Bib No.11439), Achilles International NYC- 1:26:59

5. Bonnie Eng (Bib No.11436), Achilles International NYC- 1:36:46

6. Maurice Evans (Bib No.11372), Prevailers Racing- 1:44:51

7. Mario Reyes (Bib No.11446), Prevailers Racing- 1:54:01

8. Jair Pineda (Bib No.10596), Unattached- 2:08:46

9. John Pierre (Bib No.11432), Achilles International NYC- 2:12:15

10. Nadine Mcneil (Bib No.11437), Unattached- 2:18:26

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