Drake Relays 2024: Schedule, order of events, how and where to watch

USATF Outdoor Championships - Day 4
Everything to know about the Drake Relays

The 114th Drake Relays are here, and the competition promises some enthralling action. Taking place in Des Moines, Iowa the action will be divided between the track, field, and the roads over the course of a week between April 21 and 27.

The competition will field hundreds of athletes from the high school, collegiate, and international levels, as fans gather to witness the action. The Drake Relays will feature a total of 17 World Athletics Continental Tour events, including the javelin and hammer throws, 3000m steeplechase, 800m and 1500m sprints, as well as the 100m and 400m hurdles.

One of the highlights of the event will be America’s star hurdler Lolo Jones returning to competition. On April 25, the 41-year-old will be inducted into the Drake Relays Athletes Hall of Fame during a luncheon. A couple of days later, Jones will compete in the 100m hurdles at the event.

Drake Relays 2024: Where and how to watch

Fans who are eager to tune into the action at the Drake Relays have multiple options on hand. A livestream of the event will be available on USATF.TV, for which a subscription to RunnerSpace+PLUS is required. Additionally, certain events from Saturday will be broadcast on the CBS Sports Network.

Drake Relays 2024: Full Schedule

Key: ES – Elementary School | MS – Middle School

HS – High School | CD – College | UD – University

WACT - World Athletics Continental Tour

Drake Relays Sunday, April 21, 2024

7:30 AM: Half Marathon/10K Drake Road Races

7:45 AM: 5K Drake Road Races

Drake Relays Tuesday, April 23, 2024

6:00 PM: Grand Blue Mile Downtown

7:15 PM: USATF 1-Mile Championships

Drake Relays Wednesday, April 24, 2024

11:30 AM: Decathlon Men, Day 1

12:30 PM: Heptathlon Women, Day 1

5:30 PM: Team Shot Put Showcase

Drake Relays Thursday, April 25, 2024 Track Schedule

11:30 AM: Decathlon Men, Day 2

12:30 PM: Heptathlon Women, Day 2

Distance Carnival

4:30 PM: 4x800m CD, Women, Final

4:44 PM: 4x800m CD, Men, Final

4:58 PM: 1500m (Unseeded) UD/CD, Women, Final

5:10 PM: 1500m (Unseeded) UD/CD, Men, Final

5:22 PM: 240 Yard Shuttle ES, Youth, Final

5:34 PM: 800m (Unseeded) UD/CD, Women, Final

5:43 PM: 800m (Unseeded) UD/CD, Men, Final

5:52 PM: 3200m HS, Boys, Final

6:07 PM: 3000m HS, Girls, Final

6:24 PM: 3000m Steeple Open, Women, Final

6:48 PM: 3000m Steeple Open, Men, Final

7:12 PM: 5000m (Unseeded) Open, Women, Final

7:32 PM: 5000m (Seeded) Open, Women, Final

7:52 PM: 5000m (Unseeded) Open, Men, Final

8:11 PM: 5000m (Seeded) Open, Men, Final

8:29 PM: 10000m Invite, Women, Final

9:09 PM: 10000m Invite, Men, Final

Drake Relays Thursday, April 25, 2024 Field Schedule

2:30 PM: Discus HS, Boys, Final

3:00 PM: Shot Put HS, Girls, Final

4:30 PM: High Jump HS, Girls, Final

4:30 PM: Javelin WACT, Women, Final

5:00 PM: Hammer WACT, Men, Final

5:00 PM: Long Jump HS, Boys, Final

5:20 PM: Seated Shot Put Para, COED, Final

5:50 PM: Seated Javelin Para, COED, Final

6:30 PM: Hammer WACT, Women, Final

6:45 PM: Javelin WACT, Men, Final

Drake Relays Friday, April 26, 2024 Track Schedule

8:30 AM: 100mH HS, Girls, Prelim

8:44 AM: 110mH HS, Boys, Prelim

8:58 AM: 100m HS, Girls, Prelim

9:08 AM: 100m HS, Boys, Prelim

9:18 AM: 4x100m CD, Women, Prelim

9:32 AM: 4x100m CD, Men, Prelim

9:45 AM: 800m Medley HS, Girls, Final

9:59 AM: 1600m Medley HS, Boys, Final

10:18 AM: 800m Masters, COED, Final

10:29 AM: 100mH HS, Girls, Final

10:34 AM: 110mH HS, Boys, Final

10:39 AM: 4x1600m UD/CD, Women, Final

10:57 AM: Officials Break

11:50 AM: 400m Wheelchair HS, Coed, Final

11:55 AM: 800m Wheelchair Para, COED, Final

12:00 PM: 4x1600m UD/CD, Men, Final

12:20 PM: 100mH UD/CD, Women, Prelim

12:34 PM: 110mH UD/CD, Men, Prelim

12:48 PM: 4x200m HS, Girls, Final

1:01 PM: 4x200m HS, Boys, Final

1:14 PM: 4x100m Special Olympics

1:22 PM: 4x100m UD, Women, Prelim

1:31 PM: 4x100m UD, Men, Prelim

1:40 PM: 800m UD/CD, Women, Final

1:46 PM: 800m HS, Girls, Final

1:53 PM: 800m UD/CD, Men, Final

1:59 PM: 800m HS, Boys, Final

2:08PM: 400mH UD/CD, Women, Final

2:21 PM: 400mH UD/CD, Men, Final

2:34 PM: 100m Special Olympics

2:39PM: 100m UD/CD, Women, Prelim

2:50 PM: 100m HS, Girls, Final

2:55 PM: 100m UD/CD, Men, Prelim

3:06 PM: 100m HS, Boys, Final

3:11 PM: 4x400m CD, Women, Prelim

3:34 p.m 4x400m CD, Men, Prelim

Drake Relays Friday, April 26 2024 Field Schedule

8:30 AM: Discus HS, Girls, Final

8:30 AM: Long Jump HS, Girls, Final

9:00 AM: Shot Put HS, Boys, Final

9:30 AM: Triple Jump UD/CD, Women, Final

11:00 AM: High Jump HS, Boys, Final

11:00 AM: Discus UD/CD, Women, Final

11:15 AM: Shot Put UD/CD, Men, Final

11:30 PM: Triple Jump UD/CD, Men Final

1:00 PM: Pole Vault UD/CD, Women, Final

1:30 PM: Triple Jump Champ, Women, Final

1:30 PM: High Jump UD/CD, Men, Final

1:45 PM: Discus UD/CD, Men, Final

1:45 PM: Shot Put UD/CD, Women, Final

2:45 PM: Triple Jump Champ, Men, Final

Drake Relays Friday Night, April 26 2024 Track Schedule

5:00 PM: 1600m Medley MS, Girls, Final

5:07 PM: 1600m Medley MS, Boys, Final

5:14 PM: 400m UD/CD, Women, Final

5:26 PM: 400m HS, Girls, Final

5:32 PM: 400m UD/CD, Men, Final

5:44 PM: 400m HS, Boys, Final

5:52 PM: 4x100m MS, Girls, Final

6:05 PM: 4x100m MS, Boys, Final

6:18 PM: Sprint Medley CD, Women, Final

6:33 PM: Sprint Medley CD, Men, Final

6:48 PM: 1500m UD/CD, Women, Final

6:54 PM: 1500m UD/CD, Men, Final

7:02 PM: 4x800m UD, Women, Final

7:12 PM: 4x800m UD, Men, Final

7:22 p.m 4x200m UD/CD Women, Final

7:34 p.m 4x200m UD/CD Men, Final

7:46 PM: 200m Ambulatory

7:56 PM: 3000m Steeple WACT, Women, Final

8:21 PM: 4x400m HS, Girls, Prelim

8:38 PM: 4x400m HS, Boys, Prelim

Drake Relays Friday Night, April 26 2024 Field Schedule

5:00 PM: Discus Champ, Women, Final

5:00 PM: Long Jump UD/CD, Women, Final

5:05 PM: Pole Vault Champ, Women, Final

6:00 PM: High Jump Champ, Men, Final

6:15 PM: Shot Put Champ, Women, Final

6:15 PM: Discus Champ, Men, Final

7:00 PM: Long Jump Champ, Women, Final

7:30 PM: Shot Put Champ, Men, Final

Drake Relays Saturday, April 27, 2024 Track Schedule

8:10 AM: Shuttle Hurdle HS, Girls, Prelim

8:25 AM: Shuttle Hurdle HS, Boys, Prelim

8:40 AM: Distance Medley Iowa CD, Women, Final

8:55 AM: Distance Medley Iowa CD, Men, Final

9:10 AM: Distance Medley CD, Women, Final

9:25 AM: Distance Medley CD, Men, Final

9:40 AM: 4x100m HS, Girls, Prelim

10:12 AM: 4x100m HS, Boys, Prelim

10:44 AM: 4x800m HS, Girls, Final

10:59 AM: 4x800m HS, Boys, Final

11:14 AM: Officials Break

11:57 PM: Shuttle Hurdle HS, Girls, Final

12:02 PM: Shuttle Hurdle UD/CD, Women, Final

12:17 PM: Shuttle Hurdle HS, Boys, Final

12:22 PM: Shuttle Hurdle UD/CD, Men, Final

12:37 PM: 100m Wheelchair

12:42 PM: Distance Medley UD, Women, Final

12:56 PM: Distance Medley UD, Men, Final

1:10 PM: 100m Ambulatory

1:17 PM: 400mH HS, Girls, Final

1:24 PM: 400mH HS, Boys, Final

1:31 PM: 100m UD/CD, Women, Final

1:43 PM: 100m UD/CD, Men, Final

1:51 PM: 100mH UD/CD, Women, Final

1:58 PM: 110mH UD/CD, Men, Final

2:05 PM: 800m WACT, Women, Final

2:12 PM: Sprint Medley UD, Women, Final

2:25 PM: Sprint Medley UD, Men, Final

2:38 PM: 400mH WACT, Women, Final

2:44 PM: 400mH WACT, Men, Final

2:51 PM: 1500m WACT, Men, Final

3:03 PM: 110mH WACT, Men, Final

3:08 PM: 100mH WACT, Women, Final

3:13 PM: 4x100m UD, Women, Final

3:18 PM: 4x100m UD, Men, Final

3:23 PM: 1500m WACT, Women, Final

3:33 PM: 800m WACT, Men, Final

3:40 PM: Invitational 4x400m UD, Women, Final

3:47 PM: Invitational 4x400m UD, Men, Final

4:00 PM: 4x400m UD, Women, Final

4:07 PM: 4x400m UD, Men, Final

4:14 PM: 4x100m CD, Women, Final

4:19 PM: 4x100m CD, Men, Final

4:24 PM: 4x100m HS, Girls, Final

4:29 PM: 4x100m HS, Boys, Final

4:34 PM: 1500m HS, Girls, Final

4:42 PM: 1600m HS, Boys, Final

4:50 PM: 4x400m CD, Women, Final

4:57 PM: 4x400m CD, Men, Final

5:04 PM: 4x400m HS, Girls, Final

5:11 PM: 4x400m HS, Boys, Final

5:18 PM: Session Ends - Clear the Stadium

Drake Relays Saturday, April 27th 2024 Field Schedule

10:00 AM: Hammer UD/CD, Men, Final

10:00 AM: Pole Vault UD/CD, Men, Final

10:15 AM: Javelin UD/CD, Women, Final

11:00 AM: High Jump UD/CD, Women, Final

12:15 PM: Hammer Champ, Men, Final

12:30 PM: Javelin Champ, Women, Final

1:00 PM: Long Jump UD/CD, Men, Final

1:15 PM: Shot Put WACT, Women, Final

1:30 PM: Pole Vault WACT, Men, Final

1:45 PM: Hammer UD/CD, Women, Final

1:50 PM: Javelin UD/CD, Men, Final

2:30 PM: Shot Put WACT, Men, Final

3:00 PM: Long Jump Champ, Men, Final

3:00 PM: High Jump Champ, Women, Final

3:30 PM: Pole Vault Champ, Men, Final

4:00 PM: Javelin Champ, Men, Final

4:00 PM: Hammer Champ, Women, Final

4:05 PM: Shot Put Masters, COED, Final

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