Fact Check: Does Lia Thomas want to transition back to male? Viral article debunked

2022 Ivy League Womens Swimming and Diving Championships
Lia Thomas latest article debunked

Lia Thomas has been making headlines since coming out as a transgender athlete. Although a community of athletes has come out in support of her, many have criticized her for competing in the female category and blocking the titles from them.

In a recent article by Worthy To Share, the authenticity of which cannot be confirmed, it was claimed that NCAA Champion Thomas came out saying she had achieved all her goals and now wishes to return as a male.

Fact Check: The authenticity of the alleged interview cannot be verified since no other prominent source has reported it as of now and the article appears to be 'fake'. The website claims to have made some bold statements about the same, but no major news outlet has reported on it at the time of writing. The website in question seems to be misleading people into believing something that Lia Thomas didn't say anywhere on the record.

The article can be deemed fake because Thomas never spoke about being 'guilty' for transitioning. Even the source mentioned in the article, ALLOD Sports, cannot be found. In a recent video, the controversial athlete said that it 'breaks her heart' to see fellow trans athletes facing discrimination. She even called on the Biden administration to amend the rules to ensure equal rights for trans athletes.

Lia Thomas' personal records

Thomas won the 2022 NCAA Women of the Year Award. Her shift to the female category has been quite controversial. However, she made several personal records both as a female and male swimmer.

Thomas' personal best as a female swimmer:

  • 100 Freestyle - 47.37 - 2022 NCAA Division I Women's Championship
  • 200 Freestyle - 1:41.93 - 2021 Zippy Invite
  • 400 Freestyle Relay team - 2:01.41 - 2022 team (Thomas, Kaczorowski, Kannan, Carter)
  • 500 Freestyle - 4:33.24 - 2022 NCAA Division I Women's Championship
  • 800 Freestyle Relay team - 4:16.14 - 2022 team (Thomas, Kaczorowski, Kannan, Carter)
  • 1000 Freestyle - 9:35.96 - 2021 Zippy Invite
  • 1650 Freestyle - 15:59.71 - 2021 Zippy Invite

Thomas' personal best as a male swimmer

  • 1000 FR - 8:57.55 - 2018 Ivy League Championships
  • 1650 FR - 14:59.19 - 2018 Ivy League Championships
  • 500 FR - 4:18.72 - 2019 Ivy League Championships
  • 1000 FR - 8:55.75 - 2019 Ivy League Championships
  • 1650 FR - 14:54.76 - 2019 Ivy League Championships

Lia Thomas' life and career

Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas was born in 1999 in Austin, Texas. She is one of two siblings. Her initial career achievement was being sixth in the high school swimming championships in the state when she was enrolled in Westlake High School.

She enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania in 2017. After competing in the male category for three years, she started her hormone replacement therapy in 2019. Later in the 2020-21 season, she started competing in the women's category.

Due to testosterone suppression and hormone replacement therapy, Lia Thomas lost enough muscle mass and weight. When she competed at UPenn's Ivy League rival Yale in January 2022, she lost to four cisgender women, including Iszac Henig. Later in March 2022, Thomas became the first ever open transgender athlete to win the NCAA Division I national championship in any sport.

The above-mentioned fake news was reported as news earlier by Sportskeeda. We would like to apologize to the readers for the honest mistake.

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