Festival of Miles 2024 Final Results: Sadie Engelhardt lowers her national record, Drew Griffith breaks four-minute mile barrier

Drew Griffith (Photo: Griffith Instagram)
Drew Griffith (Photo: Drew Griffith's Instagram account)

The 2024 edition of the Festival of Miles was held on Thursday (May 30) at the Saint Louis University High School in Missouri. The tournament featured youth athletes from various high schools and institutions.

The major incentive behind conducting the Festival of Miles is to raise funds and donate to needy aspiring track and field athletes. The 2024 edition of the Festival of Miles saw Drew Griffith running in the Hoka High School Boys Championship Mile break the four-minute record barrier as he registered a run time of 3:57.72 and clinched the top finish from the event.

The 17-year-old Sadie Engelhardt running in the Drury Hotel Professional Women's Mile Event produced a staggering performance as she lowered her national record by more than three seconds. She registered a run time of 4:28.46, while her previous record was 4:31.72.

Here are the results of various events of the 2024 Festival of Miles.

Festival of Miles 2024: Complete results from the event

Sadie Engelhardt (Photo: Engelhardt's Instagram account)
Sadie Engelhardt (Photo: Engelhardt's Instagram account)

Here are the complete results of various events from the 2024 edition of the Festival of Miles:

Final Surge Junior High Girls Invitational Mile:

1. Ella Messner, Academie Lafayette- 5:05.96

2. Klarke Goranson, Manteno- 5:06.85

3. Remy Latta, F5 Distance- 5:07.20

4. Iris Latta, F5 Distance- 5:11.55

5. Molly Mocko, Unattached- 5:14.22

Final Surge Junior High Boys Invitational Mile:

1. Lucas Amador, St.Louis Blazers- 4:28.28

2. Zeke Hagen, St.Louis Blue Knights- 4:29.03

3. Graham Hummel, Caliber Endurance- 4:32.33

4. Carson Kaiser, Kaneland Harter- 4:32.36

5. Sean Burns, Southern Boone- 4:34.52

Big River Running Missouri High School Girls Mile:

1. Malesh Eggers, Marquette- 4:57.87

2. Evyn Humphrey, Francis Howell- 4:57.88

3. Emery Mayfield, Fulton- 5:01.97

4. Angelina Cottone, Father Tolton- 5:02.58

5. Brooke Hedger, Webb City- 5:02.71

Big River Running Missouri High School Boys Mile:

1. Levi Rowan, Kirkwood- 4:09.36

2. Evan Fuller, Lakeridge- 4:12.41

3. Jackson Miller, Saint Louis University- 4:12.83

4. Ayden Taylor, Liberty- 4:13.68

5. Collin Kleinhein, Liberty North- 4:16.22

Hoka High School Girls Championship Mile:

1. Allie Zealand, Homeschool- 4:30.38

2. Charlotte Bell, Cuthbertson- 4:35.70

3. Allison Ali Ince, Normal Community- 4:35.96

4. Isabel Allori, Liberty Common- 4:37.32

5. Logan St John Kletter, Mt.Lebanon- 4:37.44

Hoka High School Boys Championship Mile:

1. Drew Griffith, Butler Senior- 3:57.72

2. Clay Shively, Trinity Academy- 4:00.02

3. Nathan Neil, Bozeman- 4:00.76

4. Tommy Latham, Marist School- 4:01.74

5. James Partlow, Governor Thomas Johnson- 4:03.21

Final Surge Girls 800m event:

1. Tessa Buswell, Poway- 2:06.55

2. Sophia Bendet, Randolph- 2:06.65

3. Elena Rybak, Father McGivney Catholic- 2:06.68

4. Paige Stuart, Blue Springs- 2:06.98

5. Elyse Wilmes, Father Tolton Catholic- 2:07.37

Final Surge Boys 800m event:

1. Ethan Walther, Salesianum- 1:49.92

2. Noah Nielson, American Fork- 1:50.16

3. Cain Evans, Carlsbad- 1:50.87

4. McKay Wells, Corner Canyon- 1:51.03

5. Quentin Nauman, Western Dubuque- 1:51.09

Drury Hotels Professional Women's Mile event:

1. Jenn Rendall, Oregon Track Club- 4:28.23

2. Sadie Engelhardt, Unattached- 4:28.46

3. Alex Teubel, Unattached- 4:29.00

4. Eleanor Fulton, Unattached- 4:29.02

5. Kristlin Gear, NAZ Elite- 4:31.47

Saint Louis Track Club Professional Men's Mile event:

1. Ben Veatch, Under Armour Dark Sky- 3:56.04

2. Olin Hacker, NAZ Elite- 3:56.89

3. Jason Clayton, Loyola Chicago- 3:57.06

4. Brett Meyer, Hold Fast Running- 3:57.28

5. Ahmed Muhumed, NAZ Elite- 3:57.32

Spewak Training High School Girls Elite Mile:

1. Keeghan Edwards, Mountain Vista- 4:46.63

2. Elin Latta, Colorado Homeschool- 4:46.73

3. Gabbie Bishop, Providence Classical Christian Academy- 4:47.58

4. Allison DeLisi, William Penn Charter School- 4:48.19

5. Annika Swan, St.Ignatius College- 4:48.55

Spewak Training High School Boys Elite Mile:

1. Andreas Dybdahl, Santa Barbara- 4:03.88

2. Anthony Horse, Ventura- 4:06.18

3. Grant Morganfeld, Palo Alto Senior- 4:07.53

4. Micah Grossman, Ventura- 4:07.67

5. Vincent Recupuro, Bishop Blanchet- 4:08.52

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