Rai Benjamin shares ways to increase the total prize pool in track and field meetings

Team USA Olympic Portrait Shoot
Team USA Olympic Portrait Shoot

The track and field world is no stranger to unfair pay and prize pool issues. Multiple athletes have faced this in their careers, and in light of this, Olympian Rai Benjamin has weighed in with a suggestion. Benjamin is an American professional hurdler and sprinter specializing in the 400m and 400m hurdles.

Recently an unfair pay debate sparked in the track and field world when Kyree King voiced his problem on social media of not receiving his cash prize for eight straight months. Keeping this concern in mind, Benjamin took to his X account and shared a tweet pointing towards the same:

"If meet organizers stop paying for bibs, we'd have more money in the prize pool. And we'd save the planet lol."

To Rai Benjamin's tweet, long jump sensation, Tara Davis Woodhall nodded in agreement and stated,

"Interesting take!!"

All about track and field pay concerns

2022 USATF Outdoor Championships
2022 USATF Outdoor Championships

The unfair payment concern was brought to light when Kyree King's post on social media sparked a debate. The American sprinter and 1x NACAC champion took to his Instagram story on April 17, to reveal that he received his cash prize after eight months.

King is not the only athlete to face such an issue in the track and field world. One of the most celebrated athletes, Tyrone Smith who is a Bermudian Long Jumper, said that the greatest challenge he has ever faced is financing his track career in an interview with Steve Landells of IAAF.

"The greatest challenge I've faced is finding a way to finance my track and field career," said Smith. "Coming from a small nation makes it more difficult to get endorsements and win shoe contracts, so since leaving college I've worked full time as a car salesman."

One of the most renowned athletes of Team USA, Gabby Thomas, also once remarked on the prize money concern of the track and field world.

Christopher Clarey, a best-selling tennis writer, disclosed the prize money earned by Tennis players when they lose. To this, Gabby Douglas shared a tweet stating,

"In track & field if you lose a meet, you go home with debt😂."

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