"They ban girls from girls sports"- Riley Gaines reacts to five female students being banned for protesting against trans student

House Oversight Committee Holds Hearing Examining Female Athletics And Title IX
House Oversight Committee Holds Hearing Examining Female Athletics And Title IX

Riley Gaines has lashed out at the authorities over banning five girl students of Lincoln Middle School for protesting against a trans girl.

The students had forfeited the school’s shot-put competition on April 18 in protest over the trans girl's participation in the event. While the event was eventually won by the transgender student, the five girls were barred from competing in the school’s next competition.

Parents of four of the five students filed a lawsuit against the decision, which was taken by the Harrison County Board of Education. The lawsuit argues that students had protested only for 10 seconds each, which didn't disrupt the shot-put competition.

In addition to being banned from the school's next meet, the five girls are being sued by the state’s Attorney General, as reported by Travis Media Group on X (formerly Twitter). Gaines, who has been a long-time advocate against transgender participation in women's sports, has expressed disappointment on the matter, heavily criticizing the authorities over the banning of students.

"Rather than banning the boy from girls sports, they ban the girls from girls sports. You can't make this stuff up. Sue them into oblivion."

Gaines also called for suing the authorities for this action. The former Kentucky swimmer faced a similar situation in her collegiate career. At the 2022 Championships, Gaines and transgender swimmer Lia Thomas clocked similar timings but the fifth position trophy, as per Gaines, was handed to the latter.

Riley Gaines claims Lia Thomas was still dating women during NCAA Championships

Riley Gaines is a former NCAA swimmer.
Riley Gaines is a former NCAA swimmer.

In an interview with Joe Rogan earlier this year, Riley Gaines was asked by the star podcaster whether Lia Thomas had s*x with girls during the 2022 NCAA Championships, when the two faced off in the swimming pool. Gaines replied in affirmation, adding:

"At the time, again this is what I know based on what his teammates have told me and what really has been public knowledge. At the time of that National Championships, he was still dating women, and active with women,"

When Rogan tried to clarify whether being active with women meant ‘se*xually’, Gaines again nodded in affirmation. Thomas being ‘se*xually’ active with women meant she still had testosterone levels, making her ineligible to compete in college sports.

The 23-year-old had also added that in addition to women, Thomas was dating ‘another man’ as well.

"He's engaged to another man, who claims to be a woman. So two men but they call themselves lesbians", Riley Gaines added.

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