All American season 6 Netflix release date likely to be in July 2024

Spencer Paysinger (Image via Youtube)
Spencer Paysinger (Image via The CW/YouTube)

All American season 6 started airing on The CW on April 1, 2024, prompting the question of the show's arrival on streaming giant Netflix.

Although it is yet to be officially confirmed, the sixth season of the hit CW drama is expected to stream on Netflix starting July 2, 2024. All American seasons 1 to 5 are already available on Netflix.

This coming-of-age story follows Spencer Paysinger, a talented football player from South Central LA who gets recruited to play for Beverly Hills High. All American season 6 tackles the challenges Spencer faces as he bridges the cultural and socioeconomic gap between his hometown and his new, affluent environment. Viewers have seen him grow and overcome obstacles alongside his family and friends over the past five seasons.


Where to watch All American season 6 online?

Viewers can stream new episodes of All American season 6 on Hulu Live TV, Youtube TV, or DIRECTV Stream, which offer the CW channel in their subscriptions.

In the US, All American season 6 is expected to drop by on Netflix within 8 days of its finale airs, which will take place on June 24, 2024. This would make the show available on Netflix starting July 2.

New episodes of All American will also be available for next-day streaming for free on the CW network website and the CW app.

When does the new season of All American come out?

The fate of show beyond All American season 6 is uncertain. The CW hasn't decided on a renewal yet, as they are likely waiting to see how season 6 performs.

While the network's recent cancellations like Riverdale raise concerns, All American's popularity suggests it might get another season to wrap up the story. If renewed, season 7 would eventually be available on Netflix alongside the rest of the series.

Recap of the show

Spencer Paysinger, a star athlete from South Central LA, gets selected to play football for Beverly Hills High. He faces cultural clashes and social pressures while navigating his new, affluent environment. Back home, his friends and family also dealt with their own challenges. Spencer slowly tried and learned to balance his dreams with the realities of his background.

He juggles the pressure of being a standout player with the emotional turmoil of his parents' separation. Not only this, but he was also shown grappling with his identity and the expectations placed upon him by everyone.

Meanwhile, his friends face their own personal struggles, navigating love, loss, and figuring out their futures. They had to face a tough time making decisions about college and their careers. Ultimately, they found their voices and pursued their dreams, navigating love, loss, and self-discovery.

On one hand, he continues to excel in the field, but on the other, his personal life gets more complicated day by day. He deals with family drama, romantic entanglements, and the weight of expectations from both communities.

Spencer Paysinger (Image via The CW/Youtube)
Spencer Paysinger (Image via The CW/Youtube)

The stakes and expectations rise as Spencer leads Beverly Hills towards a national American football championship. He confronts off-field challenges, including social justice issues and personal growth.

He grapples with the aftermath of a life-altering event. He and his friends face new challenges, forging their own paths and navigating adulthood. The show explores themes of resilience, community, and chasing one's dreams against all odds.

All American airs every Monday at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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