Five chilling details about Camerina Trujillo Perez's murder explored

Camerina Trujillo Perez
Five chilling details about Camerina Trujillo Perez's murder explored (Image via Pexels)

The disappearance of Camerina Trujillo Perez became the reason for a CLEAR alert in Texas amidst the pandemic in 2022. As the investigations continued, her body was found in her car abandoned in a commercial parking lot a month later.

Perez had been undergoing relationship problems with her short-term boyfriend, Luis Angel Montes, who reportedly followed her around in the city, leading up to her alleged murder. The In Pursuit With John Walsh episode titled Blood in the Streets covers the details of the mysterious disappearance of Camerina Trujillo Perez as it airs on May 22, 2024, at 10 pm EST on Investigation Discovery.

The official synopsis reads:

"John joins law enforcement in pursuit of Luis Montes, accused of murdering his on-again-off-again girlfriend in Texas; Callahan heads to Chicago to shine a light on two victims of gun violence whose cases remain unsolved."

Five details about Camerina Trujillo Perez's murder explored

1) Camerina Trujillo Perez disappeared on January 24, 2022

The 38-year-old mother from Pflugerville, Texas, was last seen at a local grocery store hugging and kissing a man when they were interrupted by Luis Angel Montes. While the meeting did not seem violent, Luis seemed upset, as reported by a witness.


Montes allegedly did not appear angry and neither did he make any threats. However, Perez and Montes met at the GEFCU bank parking lot later where the two were involved in a violent confrontation leading to bloodshed, as per Oxygen.

Camerina Trujillo Perez was seen for the last time on January 24, 2022, with Luis Angel Montes.

2) Perez was reportedly being stalked by Luis Angel Montes

According to KVUE, Camerina Trujillo Perez was reported missing on January 25, 2022, at 4 am at the 21400 block of Derby Day Avenue. Perez failed to report to work the day she was reported missing, causing her co-workers to inquire, according to The Independent UK report.

As investigators spoke to Perez's family members, Perez's daughter shared that it could be possible that Montes had been tracking her mother using a GPS tracking device. She also shared via CBS Austin:

“If she tried to leave him, he would kill himself or do something stupid.”

As reported by Oxygen, Montes would show up abruptly at different places Perez would visit.

3) A CLEAR alert was issued for Camerina Trujillo Perez

After Perez was reported missing, the Pflugerville Police Department issued a state-wide CLEAR alert on January 26, 2022, referring to Perez as an "individual in imminent danger" and asking for the public’s assistance in locating her. However, the alert was withdrawn on January 29 and the search for Luis Angel Montes began.

Sgt. Sylvia Leal shared via KVUE:

“Evidence strongly indicates that Camerina Perez did not willingly leave her family, job, and life behind. We need to find her and Luis Montes as quickly as possible.”

The authorities spotted Perez's blue 2014 Chevrolet Sonic traveling through Temple on January 27, 2022.

4) Camerina Trujillo Perez's body was discovered at The Home Depot parking lot 20 days later

The investigators looked into the cellphone records to find the calls exchanged between Perez and Montes on the day of her disappearance. They traced their calls to their meeting place in the GEFCU bank parking lot where the surveillance footage showcased a shocking story.


According to Oxygen, the two arrived in separate cars after which there was a violent exchange wherein Montes repeatedly assaulted Perez till she was dead. The detectives found a pool of blood in the area between the two cars.

The search for Perez and Montes continued till her Chevrolet Sonic was found with her dead body inside in a commercial parking lot on February 13, 2022.

5) Luis Angel Montes is still at large

After the altercation and violent struggle at the GEFCU bank parking lot, Luis Angel Montes took off with Camerina Trujillo Perez's still body inside the car towards his home, as per KVUE. The same night he drove the car toward Lake Pflugerville where he spent some time - possibly, getting rid of evidence.

Montes then went back to his father's residence to collect his phone, wallet, and keys while his brother brought him his belongings from his home. Luis Angel Montes was last seen getting in and out of Perez's car at The Home Depot parking lot on January 26, 2022.

Luis Angel Montes remains at large and an arrest is yet to be made.

Catch episode 3 of season 5 as it airs on Investigation Discovery on Wednesday.

Edited by Meenakshi Ajith
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