Murder in the Heartland on ID: How was Christopher Baxter arrested?

Christopher Baxter
Where is Christopher Baxter now? (Image via Pexels)

The long-unsolved case of Robin Baxter's murder saw hope with the arrest of her husband, Christopher Baxter, in 2012. Robin was beaten to death with Christopher's self-defense weapon, which he fondly called The Equalizer.

Baxter had hidden the aluminum bar along with a pair of gloves and a towel behind the drywall, which was accidentally recovered by the new tenant at the premises, per News and Tribune. As the forensic reports came back positive with Robin's DNA on the gloves, the police authorities arrested Christopher after consolidating witness statements.

He was sentenced to 40 years in prison. According to the Indiana Department of Correction, Baxter died. Details of his death are not public.

The Murder In The Heartland episode titled Solving the Unsolvable originally aired on December 6, 2023, and showcased the cold-blooded murder of Robin Baxter. The official synopsis reads,

"When Robin Baxter is found dead floating in the Ohio River, the entire town of New Albany, Indiana, bands together to find who's responsible. It takes over 20 years of crossing off suspects before an elusive clue cracks the case open."

Episode 4 of season 6 re-airs on May 29, 2024, at 7 p.m. EST on Investigation Discovery.

How was Christopher Baxter arrested? Details explored

Christopher Baxter and his wife, Robin Baxter, had a heated argument on June 19, 1990, which turned ugly. The couple were reportedly drinking together and arguing over spaghetti made for dinner. Their neighbor, Joseph Perry, had last seen Robin Baxter as she stepped out of the house to call her mother. She was seen trembling, had blood stains on her tank top, and had blood on her lips and eyes.

Robin Baxter (Image via Wave3)
Robin Baxter (Image via Wave3)

Before her disappearance, Robin Baxter had alerted her friends about being fearful of Christopher's behavior. As her close ones came by the residence, they not only found Robin missing but also noticed signs of struggle.

The Troy Street residence had a hole in the wall, which was quickly repaired over a day. The back door of the house made of Plexiglass was shattered and repaired with a piece of cardboard the following day. Robin and Christopher's house was in an overall mess, and Christopher had additionally reorganized their belongings after Robin's disappearance.

Suzanne “Spring” Monroe and her boyfriend, Charlie Lance, had participated in the search for Robin. Spring had also found Robin's jean shorts in the house on June 20, 1990. When questioned about the hole in the wall, Wilma Carlisle shared that Christopher had reportedly said,

“He'd rather punch the wall than punch [Robin].”

Christopher had scratches on his shoulders, arms, and back and justified them by saying that he had been crawling around in his search for Robin, per court documents. The metal bar that Christopher fondly called “the Enforcer” or “the Equalizer" had been missing from their residence.

Christopher Baxter (Image via Wave3)
Christopher Baxter (Image via Wave3)

Robin's mother, June Eurton, had allegedly pointed out the missing aluminum bar to the Louisville Police Department, who contacted the new tenant, Charles McMillian, at the Troy Street home to find that they had accidentally discovered it hidden behind the drywall. The authorities discovered a small towel and a glove containing Robin Baxter's DNA in the same spot in the wallboard behind the closet.

Armed with ample evidence, police officers arrested Christopher Baxter in 2012.

Where is Christopher Baxter now?

Christopher Baxter was arrested in February 2012 in the Portland neighborhood of Louisville. He was charged with the first-degree murder of Robin Baxter on February 2, 2012, per court documents. Baxter pleaded not guilty to the charges and thus underwent trial, which took two and a half days in total.

Christopher was sentenced to 55 years in prison by Floyd County Superior Court Judge Maria Granger. According to WRDB, Christopher had shown a blatant disregard for authority all through his life. However, his term was reduced to 40 years through appeals made by him.

According to the Indiana Department of Correction, Baxter passed away. Details of his death are not public.

Catch all the details in the Murder In The Heartland episode that airs on Wednesday.

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