Netflix’s The Asunta Case: Full list of cast in the series

The Asunta Case is streaming on Netflix (Image via Netflix Tudum)
The Asunta Case is streaming on Netflix (Image via Netflix Tudum)

The Asunta Case arrived on Netflix on April 26, 2024, presenting one of Spain's most shocking true murder cases. Asunta Basterra's death in unnatural circumstances in 2013 followed by her parents' arrests and conviction had made a splash in the news. Netflix has dramatized the true crime into a series covering the event, official investigations, and final judgement in The Asunta Case.

Carlos Sedes and Jacobo Martinez direct The Asunta Case for Netflix. Ramón Campos, Gema R Neira, Jon de la Cuesta and David Orea are the creators of the series. Candela Peña and Tristán Ulloa play the lead Basterra couple, the victim's parents, and the rest of the cast includes many Spanish actors of repute. Iris Wu plays the titular Asunta, the victim.

The Asunta Case: The main cast for the Netflix series

Candela Peña

Candela as Rosario Porto (Image via Netflix)
Candela as Rosario Porto (Image via Netflix)

Candela plays Rosario Porto, Asunta's adoptive mother. Rosario Porto was a successful lawyer from an established and well-to-do family. After realizing she and her husband may never have a child, the couple adopted Asunta Fong Yang from China.

Porto suffered from lupus, an autoimmune disorder, and mental health issues. More than a decade after adopting Asunta, Rosario Porto's marriage broke down as she started having affairs outside of marriage.

However, after the divorce, she provided for her husband financially, while he took care of her and Asunta. Evidence found Porto guilty of the murder of Asunta Basterra, and she eventually committed suicide in the prison.

Candela Peña was previously seen in Hierro, Black Beach, Enterrados and Princesas.

Tristán Ulloa

Ulloa as Alfonso Basterra (Image via Netflix)
Ulloa as Alfonso Basterra (Image via Netflix)

Ulloa plays Alfonso Basterra, Asunta's adoptive father and a co-accused in the case. Basterra was a photojournalist by profession and supported his wife's decision to adopt Asunta from China.

While the story does not clearly mention Alfonso to be an abusive father, there are some hints of misogyny in his behavior. He found it difficult to accept that his wife may have fallen out of love and moved on in the relationship. Moreover, Judge Malvar pointed out his violent behavior.

Also, while evidence showed he was an accomplice in Asunta's murder, he has maintained he is innocent. Currently serving his prison term, Alfonso talks about meeting with his dead daughter when released from jail.

Tristán Ulloa was previously seen in Berlin, a spinoff of Money Heist, and other shows like Snatch, Warrior Nun, and The Snow Girl.

Javier Guttiérez

Javier as Judge Malvar in a scene (Image via Netflix Tudum)
Javier as Judge Malvar in a scene (Image via Netflix Tudum)

Javier plays Judge Malvar in Netflix's The Asunta Case. Judge Malvar plays a major role in the investigation of Asunta's murder. The Judge, who was shown to struggle with caring for his father in his personal life, came across as a sharp and level-headed investigator.

Malvar drew the two investigating agents' attention towards the unnatural relationship the Basterra couple shared. He identified Alfonso's emotional manipulation and suggested Rosario's submission to her husband's violent behavior.

Javier Guttiérez was previously seen in El Autor, Campeones, Lobo Feroz, and Honeymoon.

Maria León

Maria as Agent Cristina (Image via Netflix)
Maria as Agent Cristina (Image via Netflix)

Maria portrays Agent Cristina Cruces in the Netflix series. Though a newcomer in investigations in the police force, she was partnering with Agent Rios in the murder investigation of The Asunta Case. She believed the parents played a central role in the crime.

On the personal side, Agent Cristina and her husband were shown to opt for IVF treatment to start a family, even though unsure about their decision.

Maria León has worked on many projects including Noche de Chicas, El Hijo Zurdo, and Mentiras Pasajeras.

Carlos Blanco

Blanco as Agent Rios in the series (Image via Netflix)
Blanco as Agent Rios in the series (Image via Netflix)

Blanco plays one of the chief investigators, Agent Javier Rios. Rios had enough experience in solving cases in the world of crime, and he actively spearheaded the detective work with Judge Malvar and Agent Cristina.

Agent Rios was a grandfather in his personal life, which might have contributed to his strong opinions in The Asunta Case. The Netflix show showcased Rios's loving relationship with his grandchild.

Carlos Blanco is known for playing Ramon in La Unidad. He was also seen in Volver, Hospital Real, and Money Heist.

Francesc Orella

A scene showing the ongoing investigation (Image via Netflix)
A scene showing the ongoing investigation (Image via Netflix)

Orella's role in The Asunta Case was Juan José Dominguez. Dominguez was Rosario Porto's defense lawyer. His plan for defence was to blame the authorities for not looking for other suspects and pinning the blame on the parents.

However, he advised Porto to give straight answers to all questions in court. Moreover, he wanted a fair trial for his client despite the pile of evidence against her.

Francesc Orella has previously appeared in Chasing Wonders, Santa Evita, and Dias Mejores.

Raúl Arévalo

Agent Maneiro in a scene from the show (Image via Netflix)
Agent Maneiro in a scene from the show (Image via Netflix)

Arévalo portrays Rodrigo Maneiro in The Asunta Case. Maneiro was the Basterra couple's first lawyer. However, he was shown to be a conscientious one. Initially believing his clients' innocence, he was shocked to find all the evidence pointing towards them.

Maneiro quit his representation after he realized that the actions, the evidence, and testimonies would land his clients in jail, maybe for life.

Raúl Arévalo has been part of many titles, including Antidisturbios, More the Merrier, and Santo. However, he is famous for playing Jorge Ruiz in Con el Culo al Aire.

Iris Wu

Iris Wu seen in photographs in the series (Image via Netflix)
Iris Wu seen in photographs in the series (Image via Netflix)

Iris Wu is the child actor who portrays the titular Asunta (Fong Yang) Basterra Porto, the 13-year-old murder victim. Adopted from China, Asunta stayed with her parents for almost 12 years. She was being taken care of by both her parents in shared custody after they divorced.

Initially, she was reported missing by her parents. After her body was found on the sidewalk of a country road outside Santiago, Spain, her parents were found guilty of her murder.

Final thoughts on The Asunta Case

The Asunta Case is a dramatic representation of the real-life murder of Asunta Basterra Porto by her adoptive parents. The killing was revealed through evidence and testimonies.


The court sentenced her parents to 18 years of imprisonment. However, Asunta's adoptive mother, Rosario Porto, committed suicide while in prison. Her father, Alfonso Basterra, is still serving his sentence.

Subscribers can stream The Asunta Case, available on Netflix.

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