Alan Ritchson already overshadowed by his new competition before Reacher season 3 releases

Alan Ritchson already overshadowed by his new competition before Reacher season 3 releases
Alan Ritchson already overshadowed by his new competition before Reacher season 3 releases (Image Via Reacher Prime Video Instagram)

Olivier Ritchers, known as The Dutch Giant, has been cast as Paulie in Reacher season 3, bringing an intimidating physical presence to the screen. This casting choice has generated significant buzz, especially considering Paulie’s imposing stature described in the novels. As the series gears up for its third season, the stage is set for a thrilling showdown between Reacher and his new rival.

Reacher season 3 is eagerly awaited following the close of Reacher season 2, which was a success for Alan Ritchson on Amazon Prime Video. Lee Child’s bestselling novels have been transformed into Reacher season 3, set to be more thrilling and mysterious than ever before.

Paulie comes in as a new bad guy whom viewers want to know better before seeing him overshadowing Reacher entirely. A sneak peek at this giant villain was shared through an image on Instagram by one of the makers of Reacher. The shot has already drawn excitement and curiosity surrounding how things will shape up between the two.

How is Alan Ritchson already overshadowed by his new competition in Reacher season 3?

Even before the release of Reacher season 3, Alan Ritchson finds himself sharing the limelight with his new on-screen rival. The recent teaser image of Olivier Ritchers as Paulie has captivated fans and media alike. Standing at 7 feet 2 inches and weighing around 350 pounds, Ritchers’ Paulie is described as being significantly larger and more intimidating than Reacher.

The main character of this series which Ritchson plays has had all attention focused on him until this casting. Despite Ritchson’s height of six feet two inches, the sheer size and presence of Paulie's character make a significant contrast with Reacher. Consequently, the interest in how these characters will interact in the new season has surged.

In Reacher's universe, physical attributes such as size and appearance play a major role in character identity. The build and combat skills of Reacher have given him an upper hand making it possible for him to work alone without fear. With the introduction of Paulie, however, there will be a shift in power dynamics as Reacher might not always be king anymore.

Already, expectations are higher about a showdown between Paulie and Reacher. Everyone wants to know how this new antagonist will come through as he disrupts everything that was happening before.

What happened at the end of Reacher season 2

At the end of Reacher season 2, the 110th Special Investigations Unit completed its mission for retribution, but the finale had more than just their victory. Jack Reacher and Frances Neagley started their quest with the murder of their former teammate, Cal Franz, which led them into a deeper mystery involving the deaths of other teammates, Manuel Orozco and Jorge Sanchez.

Suspicion fell on fellow investigator Tony Swan, complicating their mission. Reacher and Neagley, joined by David O'Donnell, Karla Dixon, and NYPD's Guy Russo, navigate a dangerous plan involving Reacher's capture and Neagley's strategic outside maneuvers to ultimately take down their enemies. In the end, after successfully confronting their foes, the team parted ways, leaving the door open for their return in future seasons.

This conclusion also deviates from Lee Child's original anthology approach by reintroducing characters like Oscar Finlay, suggesting a precedent for recurring roles.

As the release of Reacher season 3 approaches, the excitement continues to build. The introduction of Paulie, a character who can physically challenge Reacher, promises to deliver a season filled with intense action and dramatic confrontations. Fans eagerly await the next chapter in Jack Reacher's journey, anticipating a clash of titans.

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