"Another love story come to life"- Fans rejoice as Supernatural stars DJ Qualls and Ty Olsson announce engagement in new podcast

DJ Qualls and Ty Olsson in Supernatural (Image via CW)
DJ Qualls and Ty Olsson in Supernatural (Image via CW)

Two castmates from the famed The CW show, Supernatural, DJ Qualls and Ty Olsson, announced their engagement on May 15. The announcement has ignited excitement among Supernatural fans online, as the two actors have decided to tie the knot, as revealed by DJ Qualls in his Locked and Probably Loaded podcast with Kelly Blackheart.

DJ Qualls played a werewolf named Garth on the show and was among the many cast members that the long-running show featured. Meanwhile, Ty Olsson played a vampire named Benny. They initially met at a fan convention, and their romance blossomed from there, spanning over ten years.

During the podcast, Qualls shared:

"Ty and I became inseparable at the very beginning — just immediately — and over the last 10 years, our relationship evolved to what it is today, and now we're getting married."

This has prompted an outpouring of love and support from fans of the show and the actors. One X user, @EmilieDK87, expressed their joy about the relationship while replying to Ty Olsson:

"So happy for you guys!! Another love story come to life because of SPN - how amazing is that🥹❤️"

Other fans also echoed this emotion and expressed their admiration for them.

"Congratulations❤️ So happy for you both! However, I’m not going to stop with my crush on Benny! Sending you both so much love ❤️ and hugs. And just the fact that both of your first names have only two letters in them shows that it was meant to be," one fan wrote.
"Sending love and big congratulations!!!! I’m so glad you both found one another," another user added.
"So much love and a big congrats!," said another.

Meanwhile, one X user, @sarahmichele83, reacted to Ty Olsson's tweet, calling them the "cutest spn couple."

"Move over Rob & Ruth. New cutest spn couple has arrived!"

Qualls also explained how the couple met and spoke in detail about their relationship.

What did Supernatural star DJ Qualls say about Ty Olsson in his podcast?

Supernatural fame DJ Qualls is also known for his Locked and Probably Loaded podcast with Kelly Blackheart, where the actor speaks about various topics, primarily centered around Hollywood.

In the same podcast, Qualls recalled his first meeting with Ty Olsson, which took place at a Supernatural fans convention. After this, the latter simply asked the former if he could accompany their group on a trip to Turkey.

"I was going to Turkey with a friend, and he is such a pure, awesome guy, he came up to us — we all went out as a group — and he was like, 'Can I come on your trip with you?' And I'm like, 'That is so ballsy!'" Qualls recounted.

Following this, their friendship deepened almost immediately and soon blossomed into a beautiful love story.

"It's just so crazy that this person who was just my friend now I think about all the time and he sends the best messages, and he supports me and loves me unconditionally in the right way. Because I would never abuse that," Qualls elaborated.

After speaking about Ty Olsson and their relationship throughout the podcast, DJ Qualls concluded by saying:

"Unconditional love has a condition in it in the fact that you treat that person with respect and their best interests are your best interests. And now we are going to be old men together, which is crazy. He's the best!"

The news was met with great joy by fans of the actors and Supernatural, many of whom congratulated Ty and DJ on social media platforms. Olsson also expressed his gratitude to the fans for their overwhelming love and support on his X account.

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