Shrinking season 2: Everything we know so far

Shrinking (Image via Apple TV)
Shrinking (Image via Apple TV)

Apple TV has officially announced the release of Shrinking season 2 in the 2024 worldwide developer conference. Fans have been waiting to see Jimmy and Paul back in action sinnce season 1 was released more than a year back.

The release of Shrinking season 2 got delayed due to the 2023 WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, which led to the postponement of the production. The filming is underway and will soon be wrapped up. Though there has been no announcement on the official release date of the series, fans can expect the series this fall.

Season 1 of the series Shrinking premiered on January 27, 2023. The plot of the series revolves around a therapist, Jimmy Laird, who recently lost his wife, leading to his disturbing behavior and state of mind. He started oversharing his thoughts with his patients about their medical condition, which created chaos in both his and his patients' lives.


Shrinking season 2: What to expect in the second season

Season 1 ended with some important changes in the lives of the characters, which will significantly be seen in Shrinking season 2. Derek and Liz invested in Sean's new catering business, the result of which will allso be seen in Shrinking season 2.

Whether the business rises or faces a downfall, it will be interesting to see how it turns out. The new venture will bring more challenges and add another layer to Derek, Liz, and Sean's storyline in Shrinking season 2.

Paul and Julie's relationship will continue to develop in season 2, giving a chance to the viewers to explore their personal lives. Paul's diagnosis of Parkinson's disease will add more emotional depth to his character as he starts to develop new bondings with his family.

Shrinking season 2 will also show the new lives of Brian and Charlie as a married couple. The storyline might include a honeymoon trip or the challenges of their new life together as a couple.

Gaby's new job as a professor will be one of the changes in the storyline of season 2, which might bring its own challenges. Her evolving friendship with Jimmy will be another focal point of the new season.


Though Jimmy had a sense of closure by the end of season 1, he and Alice are still learning to live without Tia. Their journey in season 2 will go through healing and attempting to find closure.

The ending of the last episode of season 1 showed Grace pushing her partner off the cliff as a result of Jimmy's extreme therapy methods. The situation might cause significant repercussions for Jimmy and everyone at practice.

Jimmy's fate is still hanging, as he might face legal consequences because of Grace's actions. Shrinking season 2 will show how this will impact his professional life and relationships with his patients and colleagues.

New Shrinking cast members

Shrinking season 2 will see an addition to the cast as two of the members from behind the scenes of the series will join the onscreen cast. Brett Goldstein, the writer and executive producer of Shrinking, will join the previous cast on camera.

Ashley Nicole Black, the writer for Ted Lasso and a star of A Black Lady Sketch Show, will also be joining the cast on camera. Black will contribute to Shrinking season 2 both on and off the camera.

Season 2 will see the return of the main cast members from season 1, which includes Jason Segel as Jimmy, Harrison Ford as Paul, Jessica Williams as Gaby, Christa Miller as Liz, Michael Urie as Brian, Luke Tennie as Sean, and Lukita Maxwell as Alice. Ted McGinley, who portrayed Derek, will also be joining the season 2. Heidi Gardner is also expected to join in the new season, as season 1 gave her character a dramatic ending.

Shrinking Cast (Image via Apple TV)
Shrinking Cast (Image via Apple TV)

Will there be a Shrinking season 3?

There isn't any official announcement on whether there will be a season 3, but the series' similar arcs by Ted Lasso increase the possibility for another season. Jason Segel, Bill Lawrence, and Brett Goldstein have shown their desire to continue the series beyond season 2.

A lot of it depends on the Shrinking season 2. The speculations can only be concluded after the makers get the desired response from season 2. The success of season 2 will likely be a key factor in Apple TV+'s decision to renew the show for another season.

Fans can watch Shrinking season 1 on Apple TV before season 2 arrives.

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