The Upshaws Part 5 recap & ending explained: Does Tasha have a new place to stay?

The Upshaws Part 5 is currently streaming on Netflix (Image via Instagram/Netflix)
The Upshaws Part 5 is currently streaming on Netflix (Image via Instagram/Netflix)

All six episodes of The Upshaws Part 5 released on Netflix on April 18, 2024.

The Upshaws is a popular sitcom chronicling the lives of the dysfunctional Upshaw family. Included in the narrative of the show are characters like Bennie Sr. Upshaw, Regina Upshaw, Bennie Jr. Upshaw, Aaliya Upshaw, Maya Upshaw, Kelvin Upshaw and Lucretia Turner.

The Upshaws Part 5 ended on a cliffhanger with Bennie and Regina being unable to comprehend how to face an unforeseen situation. This situation involves Tasha and her abrupt decision to move out of her previous partner, Noah's place after the two break up.

However, the new place she has shifted to might cost the Upshaws the most. Read on to learn more about this place.

Disclaimer: The article comprises spoilers for The Upshaws Part 5. Reader discretion is advised.

Where did Tasha move after breaking up with Noah in The Upshaws Part 5?

Gabrielle Dennis plays Tasha in The Upshaws (Image via Getty)
Gabrielle Dennis plays Tasha in The Upshaws (Image via Getty)

After Noah and Tasha broke up, the latter blamed Bennie for their fallout.

She claimed that Noah had overheard a conversation between her and Bennie where it had come up that she was marrying Noah just for his money. That, according to Tasha, led Noah to break things off with her.

Tasha threatened Bennie with consequences if he didn't make amends and fix her and Noah's relationship. Despite his best efforts, Bennie was unable to bring the duo back together.

Meanwhile, Kelvin, Tasha and Bennie's son born out of a brief relationship between the two, comes up to Bennie and Regina and asks if Tasha could live in their basement.

Before they could come to a joint decision, they realised that Tasha was already living in their basement, to which they let out a joint "Hell No" and rushed downstairs. They even heard Tasha asking for her Wi-Fi password from Kelvin.

Did Lucretia and Frank get married to each other?

Wanda Sykes plays Lucretia in The Upshaws (Image via Getty)
Wanda Sykes plays Lucretia in The Upshaws (Image via Getty)

Lucretia and Frank didn't get married to each other in the concluding episode of The Upshaws season 5. Instead, they took the off-road and decided to get on a plane to Atlanta, where Frank lived.

The decision was mutual, as the two were almost on the verge of breaking up owing to miscommunication. Lucretia concluded that her family was the cause of the problems between the two and decided to give them a break from her presence.

A brief recap of all that happened in The Upshaws Part 5

The Upshaws Part 5 opened with Lucretia deciding to move in with the Upshaws much to the dismay of Bennie.

The introduction of a new member shaked things up for the family a bit. An example of the same was the constant altercations between Lucretia and Bennie, who on several occasions maintained his dislike towards his sister-in-law.

Additionally, other momentous events took place in The Upshaws Part 5. Among them, mention must be made of Lucretia and Frank ditching their wedding and getting on a plane to Atlanta.

Another mention must be made of Tasha and Noah breaking up and the former deciding to shift to the basement of the Upshaws.

Is the Upshaws renewed for a fourth season?

Netflix has confirmed the renewal of The Upshaws for a fourth instalment. The confirmation was made by the media house in December 2023. This was before The Upshaws Part 5 was released on the platform.

As per the format of the show, Netflix divides each season into parts. While season 1 was a part on its own, seasons 2 and 3 comprised two parts each. It's unclear if season 4 of The Upshaws will be released in different parts.

The Upshaws Part 5 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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