Where is Monica Aldama from Netflix Cheer now? Cheerleading coach life update

Netflix docuseries Cheer featuring Monica Aldama was first released in 2020 (Image via Facebook/coachmonicaaldama)
Netflix docuseries Cheer featuring Monica Aldama was first released in 2020 (Image via Facebook/coachmonicaaldama)

Monica Aldama became a legend as the coach in the popular show Netflix Cheer. Aldama aced it at Navarro College, turning their cheer program into a game-changer and winning 14 National Cheer Association titles. She was always pushing for perfection and victory.

The Netflix series put Aldama and her cheerleaders on the map, drawing in viewers with their intense training and the ups and downs of their journey to win another championship. However, Aldama's coaching career had its fair share of controversy, with allegations of misconduct that almost overshadowed her legacy.

When Aldama retired from Navarro in 2023, it marked the end of an era for one of the country's most famous college cheer programs. Aldama is currently the Vice President of a cheerleading company in North Texas.

Monica Aldama's rise to fame with Netflix Cheer


Monica Aldama became famous, thanks to the Netflix Cheer, where viewers got to see her coaching the Navarro College cheer squad as they worked their way toward the National Cheerleaders Association College Nationals.

Before the show blew up, Aldama had spent almost 30 years building the Navarro cheer program from scratch. She turned it into a team that consistently won national championships due to their intense training and winning mentality.

Netflix Cheer raked in several Emmy awards and hooked viewers, making college cheerleading a nationwide obsession. Aldama ended up on shows like Dancing with the Stars and The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where the Navarro team even showed Kendall Jenner how to do their routines.

Controversies and challenges that Netflix Cheer coach Monica Aldama fought


In May 2023, a former Navarro College cheerleader sued Aldama, claiming sexual harassment and trying to cover up a sexual assault.

The lawsuit said that Aldama had also urged the cheerleader not to report the assault. As a result, Aldama was temporarily suspended from USA Cheer. There was a big uproar against Aldama, with many criticizing her for supposedly covering up misconduct to win trophies.

Dealing with legal issues and public scrutiny not only tested her leadership but also highlighted the challenges of running a popular sports program. Aldama dropped an inspiring book called Full Out: Life and Leadership Lessons from America's Fave Coach and hit the road with ex-Navarro assistant coach Andy Cosferent.

However, she didn't go to Navarro College. She graduated from the University of Texas, Austin, with a degree in finance. She has been married to Chris Aldama for over 30 years and they have two kids, Austin and Kristian Alexandra. Chris told her not to pay attention to any negative comments after the show came out.

Retirement and new beginnings: Monica Aldama from Netflix Cheer


Even with all the drama surrounding her time there, Aldama's retirement in 2023 was a big deal for the Navarro cheer squad.

She had been their fearless leader and brought them so much success. After leaving Navarro, Aldama started a new gig as the vice-president of a cheer company in North Texas, starting a whole new chapter in her career.

In an interview with Texas Monthly, Aldama from Netflix Cheer mentioned about her new gig,

"I just accepted a job offer. So much for retirement!"

The move suggests that Aldama is still staying involved in the cheerleading world, but in a new way.

As she transitions into this next chapter after retiring, fans are curious to see how she continues to make an impact and what she'll do next outside of her time on Netflix.

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