CARNAN x ASICS launches new capsule

CARNAN x ASICS launches new capsule
CARNAN x ASICS launches new capsule (Image via Carnan)

CARNAN x ASICS launches a captivating new capsule, marking a significant collaboration in the world of sports and fashion. This partnership brings together ASICS's renowned GEL-QUANTUM 360 silhouette with the vibrant creativity of Brazilian brand CARNAN. The result is not just a fresh take on a popular sneaker but also a comprehensive apparel range that blends style with functionality.

The partnership demonstrates CARNAN's penchant for unique design and ASICS's openness to exploring new ground. The fusion of the two companies' best qualities has produced a capsule that should appeal to fans of both fashion and sneakers. This collection, which has creative patterns and a unified color scheme, is expected to cause a stir in the sports and fashion worlds.

The highly anticipated capsule from CARNAN and ASICS is a must-have for everyone interested in the fusion of upgraded design with high-performance footwear. This partnership, which offers a variety of clothes in addition to a new hue of the GEL-QUANTUM 360, is evidence of the creative synergy between ASICS and CARNAN.

The collection is available online and at a few chosen stores, allowing enthusiasts and newbies to take advantage of this special collaboration.

Exploring the CARNAN x ASICS Capsule

A Fresh Take on the GEL-QUANTUM 360

At the heart of the CARNAN x ASICS capsule is the GEL-QUANTUM 360 sneaker, reimagined with a striking brown upper accented by vibrant teal at the lacing system and lateral heel counter.

The "CARNAN" embroidery adds a personalized touch, while the outdoor-ready sole unit sports an all-black finish, combining style with durability and comfort.

Complementary Apparel Range

Accompanying the sneakers, the apparel line kicks off with a track jacket featuring a matching brown and black composition, ensuring a cohesive look.

A zip-up sports shirt and shorts follow suit, offering a similar color arrangement that ties the collection together. The capsule also includes graphic t-shirts and shorts, a cap, and two pairs of socks, expanding the wardrobe options for enthusiasts of the collaboration.

About the collection, the brand website of Carnan states,

"Carnan x ASICS is about understanding that every small beginning will not become memorable or complete because you finally got there at some point. It doesn't exist there."

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CARNAN & ASICS launches new capsule (Image via Carnan)
CARNAN & ASICS launches new capsule (Image via Carnan)

The CARNAN and ASICS partnership is a celebration of innovation, design, and the growth of sportswear, not simply a collection. This capsule is proof of the possibility of innovative collaborations between the fashion and sports sectors, fusing the technological know-how of ASICS with the distinctive style of CARNAN.

The price range of the collection is as follows,

  • Carnan x Asics Socks - Off: $1714.14
  • Carnan x Asics Five Panel Hat: $46.03
  • Carnan x Asics Roots Heavy T-shirt - Green: $57.59
  • Carnan x Asics Path Overshirt: $82.63
  • Gel-Quantum 360 Path: $192.41

The CARNAN and ASICS capsule is a standout collaboration that pushes the boundaries of sports fashion.

CARNAN & ASICS launches new capsule (Image via Carnan)
CARNAN & ASICS launches new capsule (Image via Carnan)

From die-hard sneaker enthusiasts to those trying to up their sportswear game, it has something for everyone with its cutting-edge designs, unique hues, and extensive garment line.

This collection signifies more than simply a collaboration between two companies—rather, it's a synthesis of cultures, inventiveness, and a common outlook on the direction of sportswear and fashion.

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