What golf shoes does Tiger Woods wear? 

What golf shoes does Tiger Woods wear? (Image via SportsKeeda)
What golf shoes does Tiger Woods wear? (Image via SportsKeeda)

Tiger Woods is seen wearing FootJoy golf shoes in recent times during his matches. Earlier, Tiger Woods had a partnership with Nike and used golf shoes from the Swoosh brand.

Tiger Woods and Nike have had a long history together. Back in 1996, Woods started his professional career and Nike was the first sports brand to sign a high endorsement deal of $40 million.

The partnership went on for over two decades. Woods wore Nike golf shoes throughout his professional journey. Nike then came out with the TW line of golf shoes that became a signature part of his public image. This was a successful collaboration between the athlete and the Swoosh brand.

More details about the golf shoes Tiger Woods wears for his tournaments

Tiger Woods, the golf legend, recently switched up his footwear on the course. While long associated with Nike and their TW line of shoes, Woods has been seen sporting FootJoy shoes in recent tournaments.

Tiger's relationship with Nike goes back a long way. Signed by the brand in 1996, a young Woods became synonymous with Nike apparel and footwear. The Nike TW line is known for its performance and style. It became a signature element of his golfing persona.

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In December 2023, during the PNC Championship, Tiger Woods was seen wearing FootJoy shoes for the first time. He shared heartfelt moments with his two children and was appreciated by fans as they were excited to see him back on the gold course.

The recent switch to FootJoy highlights a shift in focus for Woods. FootJoy offers a broad range of golf shoes with features designed to enhance stability and support. This could be particularly beneficial for Woods, considering his extensive playing history and the demands of the sport.

Woods has battled injuries throughout his career, and his recent switch to FootJoy shoes might be connected to this. FootJoy offers a wider variety of golf shoes compared to Nike, with some models designed specifically for enhanced stability and support. This could be a crucial factor for Woods, as these features might better accommodate his physical needs on the course after years of wear and tear.

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While the exact reason behind Woods' switch to FootJoy golf shoes remains undisclosed, it signifies a change in footwear for the golfing legend. Whether focused on enhanced performance due to his injury history or driven by other factors, this development has sparked curiosity among fans.

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