FaZe YourRage criticizes Tfue's aim in reaction to clip of hunting wild boars

The streamer took to X to express his criticism of the video. (image via Instagram/@yourrage)
FaZe YourRage (Image via Instagram/@yourrage)

Kick star Josh “YourRageGaming,” aka FaZe YourRage, has spoken up against Turner "Tfue"’s latest video, in which the streamer could be seen shooting wild boars from a moving vehicle in the Everglades of Florida. The clip, uploaded on May 28, 2024, has garnered more than a million views, with many criticizing his actions.

On May 29, 2024, FaZe YourRage joined the naysayers, but his main point of contention was Tfue's seemingly poor aim and lack of skill. He wrote on X:

“Ik I’m a day late, but thoughts on tfue stream ? I just seen a clip .. Jesus Christ my only issue is I feel like only trained aimers should be doin dat wit high caliber rounds so they can 1 tap em in the dome. “

The content creator concluded by saying that he hated hearing animals suffer:

“Hearing Animals suffer 👎🏾”

Many users responded to the post and agreed with FaZe YourRage. According to some, if one has to kill animals, it is better to do it swiftly, so as to reduce suffering.

So far, Tfue has not responded to FaZe YourRage's post.

Tfue claims hunting boars is good for the environement, despite what FaZe YourRage and others think

Despite not responding to FaZe YourRage's comments, Tfue recently tried to justify his actions with a post on X. The online personality claimed that his act of hunting boars was from a sustainability point of view. He said wild boars are considered invasive in Florida, so killing them is good for the environment.

The streamer also listed the many ways boars apparently harm the environment:

"These wild boars, also known as feral hogs, cause damage by: 1.**Rooting:** Boars root the ground in search of food, disrupting vegetation and causing soil erosion. 2.**Crop Damage:** They feed on agricultural crops, leading to significant economic losses for farmers."
"3.**Predation:** Boars prey on native wildlife, impacting the local ecosystem and biodiversity. 4.**Competing for Resources:** They compete with native species for food and habitat, affecting the balance of the ecosystem. 5.**Disease Transmission:** Boars can spread diseases to wildlife and domestic animals, posing risks to public health and livestock"

The public is still divided on the incident, with most leaning against hunting.

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