"I'm done playing with you": N3on's ex-manager threatens legal action against Kick streamer

The streamer is notorious for his pranks, which often lead to legal trouble. (Image via Instagram/@n3onsingh)
Streamer N3on recently fired Kayn (Image via Instagram/@n3onsingh)

Kayn, the ex-manager of popular Kick streamer Rangesh, aka N3on, has threatened legal action against N3on. He was fired by the streamer some time ago. On June 1, Kayn went live on Kick and said that he was going to hire a lawyer to deal with the situation:

“I am going to have my lawyer send out a message, cuz I’m done playing with you."

He also asked the streamer to keep his fans and his girlfriend, Sam Frank, in check:

“Control your community, control what you’ve got going on, control that f*cking wh*re you call your girlfriend, control everybody. Keep them the f*ck away from me, keep my name out of your f*cking mouth."

Kayn accuses N3on of being "ungrateful" and asks to be left alone

During the livestream, Kayn insisted that he did not want to be associated with the streamer any longer. He said:

"I don't want to be associated with any of this sh*t anymore, leave me alone. Let me move on with my life."

Among Kayn's many grievances is N3on’s allegedly “ungrateful” behavior. According to him, the streamer did not acknowledge the efforts Kayn put into his professional work. He also implied that N3on lacked empathy and had done nothing to make things right with him.

“I helped out with your sh*t for 2 years, spent thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars on you. You ungrateful little sh*t, i don't f*ck with you as a man. I wish you would be a human being and have empathy and call me as a man and make sh*t right, but you don't."

Kayn also accused Rangesh of hiding behind the screen and making his fans do his dirty work:

"You hide behind the internet and allow your community to say and do f*cked up shit to a person that genuinely helped you and helped change your life for the better.”

Interestingly, Kayn's last post on X wished N3on "nothing but the best."

N3on and his team have not responded to Kayn's statements yet.

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Edited by Mohini Banerjee
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