IShowSpeed meets with the Albanian Prime Minister and barks at him on stream

Edi Rama, the Albanian Prime Minister, met with IShowSpeed
IShowSpeed met the Albanian Prime Minister in his latest stream (Image via IShowSpeed/YouTube,X)

YouTube streamer Darren "IShowSpeed" met with Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama in his latest stream, and clips of their meeting have gone viral on social media. The content creator has traveled to Europe after getting a house in Germany for a few days during the UEFA European Championship but decided to go to the Balkan country on his stream dated June 20.

While IShowSpeed has collaborated with many high-profile footballers and sports personalities, this is the first time he has met up with a head of government. And in a true IShowSpeed fashion, he even barked at the Albanian Prime Minister, with the clip of the incident going viral on social media.

When the Prime Minister asked about how he heard about Albania, the YouTube streamer claimed that a footballer had barked at him and stated the name of the country. He then recreated that moment, stating:

"When I heard first? So this one time right, there was somebody who was like, 'Speed, Albania!' It was this footballer, a footballer named Kaku. He scored a goal and he was like this (barks). And I was like, I have to come here."

IShowSpeed then explained to Edi Rama what he does as a streamer, and the Prime Minister asked him the reason why he had wanted to meet:

"I was told you want to see me, and I thought, 'What is this guy, you know? Why does he want to see me?'"

The YouTuber answered:

"Like because, bro. I wanted to see you because it is an honor to meet you!"

Albanian Prime Minister shows off jersey collection to IShowSpeed

IShowSpeed is known for his sport-centric streams, and the topic also came up during his meeting with the Albanian Prime Minister. At one point, Edi Rama walked up to a coat rack full of sports shirts and offered to show the streamer some of the jerseys he owns that belong to celebrity athletes.

The PM had Spanish footballer Sergio Ramos's jersey and a couple of others embossed with his name. He also had one featuring the name of a popular basketball player but did not name them. Darren, however, was stoked about the sport and picked up the ball kept on top of the rack and said:

"You got to show me your basketball moves man, is it pumped? Ah it's dead."

After IShowSpeed had shown interest in playing basketball, Edi Rama showed him to another room that had several balls and a hoop. The streamer even showed off some of his dribbling moves to the Prime Minister.

As mentioned, Darren is currently in Europe for the UEFA Euros and already attended his favorite team Portugal's first game in the group stages where they narrowly beat Czechia. Fans expect the streamer to IRL stream from their upcoming game against Turkiye.

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Edited by Siddharth Satish
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