Sketch says he would have called it quits if FaZe Banks and others had not helped him deal with allegations

Sketch might have committed suicide if not for support from FaZe Banks and family
Sketch says FaZe Banks was a massive help (Image via Sketchreal/Twitch, FearedBuck/X)

In a Twitch stream on July 8, Sketch, aka Sketchisreal, addressed the recent allegations about him doing sexual LGBTQ+ content in the past. He thanked FaZe Banks, family members, and fans for having his back when his past images were shared online.

On the stream, Sketch confirmed he had sexual relations with a man in the past for OF content, but maintained that he was a changed person. After explaining that he was also dealing with other issues in life two years ago, like addiction, he thanked FaZe Clan members and their CEO for being with him during the tough times.

Holding back tears, Sketch noted that his friends and parents are the reason he kept going and that he would have called it "quits" had these pictures ever come out:

"Plan A was, I will say candidly, it was to... probably call it quits if this ever came out. But some people saved me. Shoutout Banks, shoutout my parents, shoutout you all. I f**ked up but I am changed."

Sketch claims that he would not be talking on Twitch if not for the support from FaZe Banks

As mentioned, the allegations that Sketch had engaged in LGBTQ+ OF content in the past spread on social media like wildfire. The pictures from the explicit content were noted for, at the time, supposedly featuring the Twitch streamer and it seems he was not in the right state of mind when the images went viral.

Notably, he was not alone during this period as FaZe Banks called him to his house. The latter also shared a screenshot of their brief chat where Sketch called out for help with the following caption, defining the Twitch streamer and praising him:

"Not everything needs to be broadcast & farmed, but since yall wana jump to crazy assumptions Sketch told me to post these receipts. All the FaZe boys were with him last night. Sketch was my homie yesterday, he’s my homie today, he’ll be my homie tomorrow. You guys are fkn weirdos"

Sketch went on to say that if he hadn't gone to FaZe Banks' house last night, he would not be talking to his viewers:

"My original pal, there's two things. 'Either be delusional and think this will never come out.' What's the plan after? The plan after was not very good. If I was alone, if I was at my house, I probably would not have been talking to you right now."

Readers should note that FaZe Banks is not the only esports professional to come to the Twitch streamer's defense, with people such as FaZe Rug, Tfue, and many others also making posts supporting Sketch.

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Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul
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