The entire ImAllexx controversy explained 

The entire ImAllexx controversy explained (Image via imallexx, alice_hez and kinganiii/Instagram)
The entire ImAllexx controversy explained (Image via imallexx, alice_hez and kinganiii/Instagram)

YouTube creator ImAllexx has been embroiled in controversy after his former partners leveled allegations of enduring physical assault, verbal abuse, and "toxic" behavior while they were in a relationship with him. These allegations have emerged over the past few days, and have since picked up significant traction in the YouTube community.

Many creators, including former associates of ImAllexx, such as William "WillNE" and George "Memeulous" have since reacted to the allegations and distanced themselves from Alex.

This article explores the numerous allegations that have been made against ImAllexx by ex-girlfriends Alice Hez (@Malice_Hez on X) and Ani "Kingani" (@kinganiii on X) over the past few days.

Exploring the allegations made against ImAllexx

Alex, known popularly as ImAllexx, is an English YouTuber known for his commentary videos. His content often revolves around him opining on trending topics and reacting to viral content.

On June 15, 2024, Alice Hez came out with a statement regarding the "abuse" she allegedly endured while in a relationship with Alex and provided a link to a Google Drive folder. Within the folder, she had uploaded six videos, an audio file, and a Google document.

Allegations made by Alice Hez

Screenshots of the iMessage and Discord conversation between ImAllexx and Alice Hez (Image via
Screenshots of the iMessage and Discord conversation between ImAllexx and Alice Hez (Image via

As per Alice Hez, she and ImAllexx had gotten into a relationship on March 17, 2023. The 84-page-long document details many "abusive" behaviors that Alex would engage in while the two were together, complete with screenshots of their conversations on both iMessage and Discord.

Within the screenshots, ImAllexx can be seen using various expletives and personal insults while talking to Alice. He also referred to Alice using ableist and racist slurs, calling her a "r**ard" and using the N-word. While talking about this alleged verbal abuse, Alice stated:

"These small arguments worsened to the point where he would turn on his camera and start shouting at me on call. He's gone as far to tell me to self harm at this point after I told him about my history prior. This would be accompanied with multiple horrible messages calling me a wh**e, a bi**h, and slimey."

Alice also alleged that he would repeatedly insult her, break up with her and then "take it back," apologize for his words, and then engage in "love bombing":

"I'm going to link all of the horrible messages that have been sent to me. They consist of him calling me unlovable, wh**e, psycho, constantly calls me sick, telling me he doesn't want to be with me, breaks up with me then takes it back, then after all of these arguments, he apologises and love bombs me for forgiveness."

Further in the document, Alice Hez describes an alleged physical assault on her by ImAllexx. She stated that the incident took place on October 19, 2023 - their fourth day since shifting in together. After the pair got into an argument, she asked the YouTuber to leave her alone and tried to get away from him. However, Alex allegedly followed her downstairs, grabbed her by the hood of her top, and pulled her back until she "fell on the floor".

She alleged that Alex then refused to let her "get away," and blocked her way while she was trying to make a run for the bathroom. He then allegedly grabbed her, put her in a headlock, and covered her mouth to prevent her from screaming. Explaining the situation, she stated:

"On the fourth day of living together, on the 19th October, he had taken it to the next level and got physical in a fight. It started as a screaming argument where I begged him to leave me alone and to just stop. I ended up trying to get away from him and he followed me. I went to walk downstairs and he grabbed my hood and pulled me back until I fell on the floor. He told me that I'm not getting away so I got up and made a run for the bathroom. He gets in my way and grabs me, puts me in a headlock and covers my mouth because I'm screaming for him to get off of me. I got to the bathroom and locked it behind me and he screams from the other side calling me crazy."

Among other allegations, Alice also shared photographs of her smashed-up monitor, keyboard, and recording setup, which was allegedly damaged by ImAllexx after she told him he was going to leave his house and called up a friend to pick her up. She stated that Alex claimed that the keys had fallen off the keyboard while he was trying to "pack" the items for her.

Allegations made by Kingani

This is not all, however, as another former partner of ImAllexx, Ani "Kingani" came out with her own experience with the YouTuber. In a post on X on June 17, 2024, she shared a document outlining her experience while dating him for approximately nine months from June 2017 to March 2018.

Kingani's allegations made within the document shared by her on X (Image via
Kingani's allegations made within the document shared by her on X (Image via

Kingani stated in the document that Alex would often engage in "toxic" behavior while the two were together, with him allegedly making it "about himself" whenever Ani would bring up her problems. Further, she stated that he would "belittle" her, make her feel "inferior" and "insane," and would also spin "his own narrative":

"During the relationship, he made me feel insane, like I wasn't myself anymore. It never felt like he listened to me. I always felt belittled and inferior... Most of the time when I had problems, he always somehow made it about himself, or talked about his own issues... If we ever had a disagreement, he would also sometimes elude to the possibility of k*lling himself over minor conflicts as a threat, so I couldn’t continue with the conversation. Another thing he did was spin his own narrative and twist words."

She also mentioned Alex's involvement in the allegations made by YouTuber Slazo's ex-girlfriend Chey, which were later debunked by Slazo. She also claimed that it was Alex who had first implied a non-consensual relationship existing between YouTuber Slazo and his ex-girlfriend Chey, which caused the others to "get the blame for saying his words":

"For example, the Slazo situation. Though it was never said in the original statements by Chey, he somehow came to the conclusion that it was r*pe, and everyone else got the blame for saying his words. Somehow the situation went from being guilty of being a bad boyfriend, to all of a sudden, he's a r*pist. This was the final nail in the coffin, and I cut all contact with him after that."

In a video shared by Alice Hez on her Google Drive, Alex can be heard threatening Alice with physical assault, stating that he would "bash" her "head against the wall" using a brick. These statements were called out by popular YouTuber Kavos, who referred to ImAllexx as "disgusting" and a "cretin" in response.

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