5 reasons why Cameron Brink can become the WNBA's most vaunted athlete

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Cameron Brink can become the WNBA's most vaunted athlete

After being drafted second overall in the WNBA Draft, Cameron Brink has impressed to start her career. Through her first handful of games, the LA Sparks rookie is showing the potential to be one of the league's top athletes.

Brink's offense still needs to come along, but she is already a force on the other end. She's averaging 3.7 blocks per game to start the year and has grabbed at least eight rebounds in two of three matchups.

As the former Standford star continues her first season in the WNBA, here are some factors that have her in the conversation for the best athlete.

Reasons why Cameron Brink could become WNBA's top athlete

1) Height

The first thing that stands out with Cameron Brink is her height. At 6-foot-4, she is one of the bigger prospects from her rookie class. While there are a plethora of players taller than her, Brink's height has allowed her to be a force on defense.

2) Wingspan

Another thing that has allowed Brink to thrive on the defensive end is her wingspan. While she only stands at 6-foot-4, her wingspan is 6-foot-8. That extra reach has made life difficult for defenders attempting to score on her.

The added reach helps Brink down low and in the passing lanes as well. With a high defensive IQ, she's been able to disrupt numerous pass attempts due to her long arms.

3) Lateral quickness

The final factor that has led to Cameron Brink's defensive prowess is her lateral quickness. This has aided her in breaking up passes and stopping opponents attempting to attack the rim.

Through her first three games, Brink has stopped countless players from getting past her to the basket. Because of how well she moves at her size, offensive players have limited options when it comes to scoring on her. Brink is also a great weak-side defender with her quickness to rotate below the rim.

4) Shooting touch

When it comes to her offensive game, Cameron Brink has shown nice flashes of shooting touch. While it's on low volume, the No. 2 pick shoots 40.0% from beyond the arc.

If Brink is able to continue developing an outside shot, she could become one of the WNBA's top two-way players. She is already capable of scoring around the rim, and being a reliable three-point shooter would make her an extremely tough cover.

5) Lower body strength

One of the most impressive aspects of Brink's athletic makeup is her lower body strength. Despite her thin frame, opponents are unable to move her in the post.

Having strong legs is something that aids Brink on both sides of the floor. It allows her to stand her ground, protects the rim and helps her easily back down defenders. Between her reach and lower body strength, Brink has the potential to be a perennial Defensive Player of the Year.

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