"He fumbled the bag with Kelsey" - WNBA fans clown Kelsey Plum's ex-husband Darren Waller's track amid divorce situation

WNBA star Kelsey Plum
WNBA star Kelsey Plum's ex-husband Darren Waller drops song, sparking reactions from basketball community

WNBA star Kelsey Plum's ex-husband, NFL standout Darren Waller, has released a song titled Who Knew (Her Perspective) on the heels of the couple's divorce. While Waller mulls over whether or not he retiring from the NFL following an impressive season with the New York Giants, he's dipped his toe into the world of music.

At the same time, Kelsey Plum and the Las Vegas Aces are looking towards a three-peat following back-to-back WNBA titles. After winning the 2023 WNBA championship, Waller was seen on-court celebrating with Plum, but now the NFL standout is working on music about the couple's breakup.

The music video, which features a woman who many fans think is meant to look like Plum, has racked up 1,900 views in the first three hours since its release. While speaking to TMZ about the song, Waller opened up about his inspiration, explaining:

"I've struggled with intimacy in romantic relationships my whole life, and I recognize the toll it has taken on the lovers I've been close to. Essentially, I'm telling myself, from the damage I've done, that it's imperative for me to heal the wounds in my life I've been avoiding by seeking relationships."

The music video caught the attention of WNBA fans, many of whom were quick to crack jokes about Waller fumbling Kelsey Plum.

"dc what anyone says. He fumbled the bag with Kelsey she is so fine" - @Bigbluecollects (Twitter/X)
"He's sick of hearing how he fumbled" - @Shmeegles22 (Twitter/X)

Others took the opposite perspective, cracking sarcastic jokes about Plum fumbling Waller.

"Can’t believe she fumbled him" - @Giftaveli (Twitter/X)

Others cracked jokes about the song and the actress who they believed was meant to look like Plum:

"She looks about as much as Kelsey Plum as she plays basketball like Kelsey Plum." - @MichaelErlerSBN (Twitter/X)

Moreover, there were many jokes about Kelsey Plum and her teammates making jokes about Waller in a group chat:

"I know Kelsey and friends have the group chat on fire right now" - @Mandrews93DFS (Twitter/X)
"My bro is getting roasted on her GC….and the one of her GFs who was against KP giving him the time of the day is now taking a victory lap. This is straight up loser behavior" - @Octavioiscorny (Twitter/X)
"More interested in what Kelsey will drop in response" - @DibbleDunk (Twitter/X)

Plenty of other fans posted memes in response to Waller's song:

Looking at Kelsey Plum's divorce from Darren Waller heading into the 2024 WNBA season

While Kelsey Plum and Darren Waller were seen celebrating the Las Vegas Aces' 2023 championship, their relationship took a turn during the offseason. Before the start of the 2024 WNBA season, it was confirmed that Waller and Plum had gotten divorced in April.

After dating for a year and spending a year married, the couple split, with Plum taking to social media to share a cryptic message. In it, she wrote that she wasn't ready to share her story yet, however, the post notably included a line that read:

"I'm devastated. I walked through fire for that man, but now I see it's time to go."

The next month, Plum and the Aces began preparations for the 2024 WNBA season. On the flip side, however, it's unclear whether or not the New York Giants star will return to the NFL.

An article from PEOPLE from in April at the time of the couple's divorce included quotes from Darren Waller about his future. In it, he explained that he's unsure whether or not he wants to invest his body and his mind in another NFL season.

From the sounds of things, the Giants drafted another player at his position in order to prepare themselves in the event he retires. With the NFL season still several months away, only time will tell how things play out.

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