In Photos: First look at Jewell Loyd's custom Nike GT Cut 3 ft. smiley faces

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IN PHOTOS: First look at Jewell Loyd's custom Nike GT Cut 3 ft. smiley faces

Jewell Loyd is entering her 10th WNBA season and remains one of the most prominent faces of the Seattle Storm franchise. Originally, she signed with the Nike brand back on May 19, 2015, back when she entered the league as the No.1 pick in her draft class. Interestingly, Boardroom's Nick DePaula shared pictures of Loyd's custom Nike GT Cut 3.

The custom shoes showcase a colorful aesthetic with a mesh of green, red and blue colors. The sneakers are also filled with logos of smiley faces with Nike's swoosh used in the mouth section of the face. Additionally, it also features the following phrases, "Ready, set, go!," "Got you!" and "Go be great!"

Jewell Loyd talked about representing the USA for the 2024 Paris Olympics

In an interview with Andscape's Marc J. Spears, Jewell Loyd briefly talked about her eagerness to represent the USA in the 2024 Paris Olympics with the Women's National Basketball Team.

"I'm super excited," Loyd said. "I've never been to Paris, so I'm excited for that. But I'm also excited because for us, making history, trying to kiss [the gold medal] again. But it's always an honor to represent my family, my culture, obviously USA on your chest. ... We have a different wave of women's basketball coming in and pride."

There's an incredible sense of pride to wear a Team USA jersey, which Loyd carries with her similar to the rest of the roster she'll be playing with. Interestingly, she is also a staple presence in the history of the team with her five gold medals.

She secured one during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, two during the FIBA World Cup (2018 and 2022), one during the U17 World Championship (2010) and one in the FIBA World Championship.

During the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Jewell Loyd averaged 4.8 points (38.7% shooting, including 31.3% from 3-point range), 2.7 rebounds and 2.5 assists per game.

Interestingly, she also pointed out in her interview that winning another gold medal in the Olympics has a different weight attached to it compared to winning a WNBA Championship. However, she added that winning a title in the league is no walk in the park either but argued that the environment involved in the Olympics varies differently from the league.

With high expectations set, There's no doubt that Jewell Loyd is ready to perform.

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