"She was not attacking CC" - Angel Reese's mom clears air on Sky rookie's eyebrow raising cryptic tweet

Angel Reese
Angel Reese's mom sheds light on Chicago Sky star's recent tweet, shutting down Caitlin Clark talk

Chicago Sky rookie Angel Reese raised eyebrows with a tweet aimed at critics this week after the WNBA began to charter flights for teams. Some members of the NBA/WNBA community claimed that Caitlin Clark's popularity forced the league to change its stance. Given that, some assumed that the recent tweet from Angel Reese was a dig at Clark.

Following the team's 90-81 win over the New York Liberty on May 23, Reese took to social media with a strong message. She wrote about the Sky's win in a packed arena while pointing out that it had nothing to do with one player on a charter flight.

After receiving criticism from those who mistakenly believed that the post was a dig at Clark, Reese deleted her tweet. That drew even more attention to the post, with some going so far as to take aim at the Chicago Sky rookie.

In response to one social media user calling out Reese for trying to tear Clark down, Reese's mom responded.

"She was not attacking CC but bc you & the rest of those "children of the corn" folks thought she was & once again sending her racist & vile comments she did. Her comment was directed towards the media but of course you're about clicks."

Looking at the reason behind the alleged Caitlin Clark-Angel Reese beef

The belief that Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese have beef stems from the NCAA March Madness finals two years ago. Reese and LSU beat Clark and the University of Iowa, with Reese famously using WWE legend John Cena's You Can't See Me hand-wave taunt on Clark.

The moment sparked widespread beef among fans, some of whom indicated that Reese went too far. Clark, meanwhile, defended Reese, saying that she shouldn't be criticized for celebrating.

Nevertheless, a small number of fans continued to hold onto the belief that the pair had some sort of lingering off-the-court beef rather than just a competitive rivalry.

Based on Clark's decision to defend Reese, and the photos the two NCAA stars took together at the WNBA draft, there appears to be no animosity. Moreover, with Angel Reese's mom making it clear that the Sky star's tweet had nothing to do with Clark, it seems as though there truly is no beef between the two.

On the court, though, it's a different story. Given Reese and LSU's win over Clark in the NCAA March Madness Finals two years ago, and the win Clark and Iowa got this year over LSU to advance to the finals, the pair have a competitive rivalry.

When the two rookies collide on June 1 in their first WNBA game, the matchup seems all but guaranteed to produce fireworks.

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