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Indian fans pick volleyball over as the next best spectator-friendly sport after cricket, kabaddi and football

Akshay M
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Photo Credits: Sepideh Jasbi
Photo Credits: Sepideh Jasbi

With the recent explosion of leagues like the ISL and the Pro Kabaddi League, people in India are clamouring for something else that they can root for. After many endless debates and lots of back and forth, everyone’s favourite sports presenter Harsha Bhogle decided to find an answer once and for all.

Posting a poll on his Twitter, the Mumbai-based commentator asked his followers which sport they’d like to see in an upcoming league. Their answer was volleyball, which received a whopping 42% of the vote! Volleyball was followed by Boxing with 24% and then wrestling with 19%.

Now, for people who don’t really watch sports, you’re probably wondering, why volleyball? Well, the answer’s easy and some users immediately quipped up with replies to Bhogle’s tweet. 

Volleyball has always been a sport that people from all walks of life have played, from the numerous villages in the south to urban international schools all over India. Team sports like volleyball and football are the ones that tend to bring people of various communities together, and is one of the main reasons why they are so popular throughout the country and the world.

Think back to when you were in school, it was the one sport almost everybody played. It takes the least effort to get a game started once the nets are up, all you require is a ball and a few players and you are ready to go! It’s the 2nd most played team sport in the world and while it isn’t given a big spotlight in India, things could change very easily. 

After PKL came up in India, Kabaddi became the fastest growing sport in the country. With volleyball, it’s easy to envision the same result, given that it’s a sport that anyone can play and it will generate engagement from a diverse demographic. Users even brought up the fact that the plans for a league are already being thought of.

In the end, fostering an environment to create bigger sports leagues is what Indian Sports is leaning towards. So, what’s your pick to watch this season?

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