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Writer of the Month


Do you think you have it in you to compete with the best writers of Sportskeeda and steal the spotlight from right under their noses? Here is your chance to claim your bragging rights! In order to raise the bar on quality sports writing and to reward the best in the business, Sportskeeda proudly announces the return of its 'Writer of the Month' contest.

Features of the contest:

1. The contest will run every month, from the first day till the last.

2. The 'writer of the month' will be announced in the first week of the following month, separately for each of the categories.

3. Prize: The winner gets featured on all of our social media pages, along with his or her name prominently displayed on the website.


Judges: Rahul Kargal (cricket), Amartojit Basu (football), Aniruddha Mishra (pro-wrestling) and Suromitro Basu (Indian sports), as well as votes from members of Sportskeeda's writer community.


How does it work?

- Every month, our judges will shortlist the top writers in each of these four sections - cricket, football, pro-wrestling and Indian sports.

- The shortlisted writers will then be adjudicated by the judges on the basis of their quality, with emphasis given to creativity, relevance, impact (reads generated) and language.

- Members of the Sportskeeda writer community will also vote for who they think was the best writer in each of the sections.

- At the end of the month, the writers with the most votes will be selected.

- The winner will be announced in the first week of the succeeding month.


What do you need to do?

Churn out quality articles and earn your ticket to fame as the month's top writer!

You can catch the past winners of the contest on this link: Recent top writers