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From the WWE Rumor Mill: Why Hideo Itami debuted on RAW

3.70K   //    19 Dec 2017, 16:43 IST

Hideo Itami is officially on the main roster no

What's the story?

Hideo Itami spent a lot of time in NXT but he finally made his way to the main roster on Raw this week even though he was expected on 205 Live.

Itami's first night on the main roster found him teaming with Finn Balor to defeat the Miztourage and when he hit Curtis Axel with the GTS, the whole arena in Rhode Island lit up.

In case you didn't know...

Hideo Itami was formally known as Kenta in the world's independent circuit for years before coming to WWE. He was already an international sensation and the innovator of the GTS finishing move, the same which CM Punk famously used.

Itami is also the reason why Daniel Bryan has diminished hearing ability due to a busted eardrum during an ROH match. Needless to say, Hideo Itami is something special but injuries kept him in NXT for far too long.

The heart of the matter

WrestlingNewsCo reports the feeling backstage is WWE needs to do more to make the Cruiserweight Division something to watch, therefore WWE is arranging angles like this to try and get people to care more.

With 205 Live going on tour very soon for the first time ever, WWE is trying to attach as many bells and whistles to the shows as possible. Along with Woken Matt Hardy vs Bray Wyatt, fans will also get to witness Hideo Itami and WWE wanted to make Itami's debut seem like a bigger deal to make him more visible to the greater fanbase.

Therefore, the idea was to pair him with Finn Balor to "give him the rub" so it would make Itami seem more credible to the fans.

What's next?

Hideo Itami's debut on 205 Live could mean big things for the WWE Cruiserweight Division, but he is reportedly just the first new addition on the way.

Rockstar Spud is likely to come to 205 Live very soon as well which could be a pretty big deal too.

Author's take

Hideo Itami's debut on Raw this week was very exciting and made me mark out pretty hard. Itami is a guy with very dangerous feet and deserves everything he's getting.

It's just too bad it took him this long to get to the main roster and also a slight disappointment he'll be placed on 205 Live. But his addition to WWE's Cruiserweight showcase will certainly give people a brand new reason to watch.

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