Is WWE up for sale? | Dropkick DiSKussions Podcast
What's happening in the world of sports entertainment, you ask? Korey Gunz and Tom Colohue are here to help you catch up with WWE news, rumors, and much more.

From rumblings about WWE potentially being up for sale to the 2K21 game being canceled, the two experts diSKuss it all. They also speak about what happened on RAW this past week, from Apollo Crews' big push to the return of Jinder Mahal. Is the Modern Day Maharaja being set up to face the WWE Champion Drew McIntyre?

And of course, one cannot talk about the events from this past week without talking about Cain Velasquez's release. Things would have been very different had Cain Velasquez been in the title picture at WrestleMania.

We welcome you on a journey through the pro wrestling world with us.



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