Jaxson Ryker posts controversial tweet, gets slammed by Kevin Owens
This week, it's time to strap on the seat belt again and take a tour of the pro wrestling world with Korey Gunz and wrestling expert Tom Colohue. Not only is WWE blurring the lines of kayfabe and reality with the Jeff Hardy DUI angle, but they are also touching upon a very sensitive issue. Is this in poor taste? Also, does the charismatic Matt Riddle really need a mouthpiece like Kurt Angle?

With Kairi Sane seemingly getting injured again, the question remains, is Nia Jax an unsafe worker? Gunz raises the question of Dominick Mysterio's upcoming feud with Seth Rollins and asks the question- has there been a Superstar with more pressure coming into his first match than Dominick Mysterio? Colohue also spills the beans on why The Gronk decided to move away from the world of professional wrestling, during this week's episode.

Finally, in the main event segment of the podcast, our experts deliberate upon Jaxson Ryker's controversial tweet about Donald Trump.



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