Major WWE storyline dropped; Kairi Sane done with WWE?
WWE Extreme Rules 2020 is a matter of the past and our experts Korey Gunz and Tom Colohue diSKuss the fallout of the pay-per-view. From the controversial 'Eye for an Eye' match to the polarizing 'Swamp Fight', this panel of two dissects the events of one of the not-so-popular pay-per-views of the year.

And then they move to RAW, and deliberate upon certain topics- from Dolph Ziggler losing cleanly to Drew McIntyre at Extreme Rules but going on to challenge him the following night, to Ali's 'mystery hacker' storyline being dropped upon his return to RAW. They talk about the many RAW rewrites that went into this week's episode and whether indeed Kairi Sane is done with WWE. Is Aleister Black no longer the star that he was once poised to be under the guidance of Paul Heyman?

Colohue and Gunz end this week's edition with a round of fan questions. If you would like to ask a question, feel free to do so.