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Team 'Learning To Fly' lifts Usha Bangalore Ultimate Open 2016 trophy

The event held at Mysore University Ground saw 34 teams participate from 11 cities across the country.

Usha International announces ‘Usha Bangalore Ultimate Open 2016’

This is the fourth year in a row that the company will be supporting this tournament.

Meet the members of the Indian U20 Ultimate Frisbee squad that will be going to Poland for the World Championships

Some of the members of the India U20 Ultimate Frisbee team spoke to Sportskeeda.

India has a Frisbee team and they need your help to play in the World Championships

We as citizens can still help India's National Frisbee team by helping them financially to take part.

Interview with Indian women's Ultimate team captain: "We strongly believe that we will raise the required funds"

Megna Shankarnarayanan speaks to Sportskeeda about her journey to captaining the Indian side and more.

Ultimate Frisbee recognised as a sport by International Olympic Committee

The International Olympic Committtee last weekend official recognition to all flying disc sports, of which Ultimate is the most popular.

Team India will begin play at Ultimate U23 Championships

The team will begin their Ultimate Frisbee World Championship campaign in earnest today, with their first two matches against Germany and Ireland in London tonight.

Ultimate Frisbee comes to India: An interview with Indian team manager Jess Mumford

We spoke to the Indian Ultimate team's manager to find out more about the no-contact flying disc sport ahead of the World Championships in London this July.

Bangalore Ultimate Open: India U-23 team win national frisbee tournament

30 teams participated in the three-day tournament

CXOs in Sports: Interview with Bharath Devanathan, COO, Groupon APAC

An interview with Bharath Devanathan, COO, Groupon APAC Emerging Markets.

Fitness and Skill: The Ultimate Balance

This post is a slight modification of something I wrote to my team a short while ago, which Jaidip said I perhaps should share with the larger Indian Ultimate population. I finally got my act together and set aside some time to write this out. Things have changed dramatically in the last 2 years in […]

Flying disks becoming quite the rage

Ultimate frisbee Chennai India

Bump Bump Bump – Part II – Choosing meaningful content for practices

Link to Part I – Evaluating drills There are tons of drills out there to choose from; How do we decide what we need for our team? How do we ensure maximum returns for the time we invest? This is a common stumbling block for many teams. They simply don’t have the ‘know how’ to […]

Ultimate - Free Spirits : A Quick Introduction

    Ultimate Essentials : Ultimate Frisbee, a disc sport, is the latest trend in recreational sport in India. It’s a mixed gender sport that provides men and women an equal platform to express their skills, love for physical activity and the sport itself. It’s usually played with a ratio of 5:2 or 4:3, with […]

Ultimate: The 3 player marking drill

  “THIS IS THE BEST DRILL IN THE WORLD” Experienced players and coaches seem to unanimously agree with the above statement and many of them reveal that this drill (or a version of it) is a staple of all their practices. (I’ll save you the trouble of having to open a new window to look for proof: Ultimate […]

Ultimate Frisbee: “May the force be with you”

“Forcing is a strategic attempt, by the defense, to force the thrower to throw the disc into an area of the defense’s choosing or to pressure the thrower into making an error.” – Ultimate Rob One of the most basic defensive principles is the ‘force’. Forcing is a vital foundation on which team defenses are […]

Rule of the week: Disc space (Infractions and violations)

WFDF 2013 rules of Ultimate Rule of the week 18. Infractions and Violations       18.1.1. Marking infractions include the following: “Disc Space” – Any part of a defensive player is less than one disc diameter away from the torso of the thrower. However, if this situation is caused solely by movement of the thrower, it is not [&he

Rule of the week: "Straddle" (infractions and violations)

WFDF 2013 rules of Ultimate Rule of the week 18. Infractions and Violations       18.1.1. Marking infractions include the following: “Straddle” – a line between a defensive player’s feet contains the thrower’s pivot point. INTERPRETATION: 

Ultimate: Hyderabad hat revelations

I was excited about the First ever Hyderabad hat, I signed up as soon as registrations opened and booked my tickets before informing my folks at home. Closer to the dates however I found a very suspicious looking e-mail in my inbox. Captain? Me? No way, jose!  I didn’t opt for it! Follow cue phone […]

Rule of the week: "Fast count" (Infractions and Violations)

WFDF 2013 rules of Ultimate Rule of the week 18. Infractions and Violations       18.1.1. Marking infractions include the following:           “Fast Count” – the marker:                                   
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