Artist teaches how to draw Among Us characters effortlessly

Image via InnerSloth Studios
Image via InnerSloth Studios
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Amitesh Dhar

The cute-looking crewmate characters of the popular social deduction game Among Us, are very simple to draw. The overall look of the game is very cartoonish and does not involve many complex characters.

Given the popularity of the game, many people around the world have been trying to draw the characters from Among Us. In order to help these people, some artists have stepped forward to show how to draw these characters with ease.

An artist shows how to draw Among Us characters


As seen in the video above, the artist demonstrates how to draw these Among Us astronauts with ease. These astronauts don't have that complex a structure. Anyone can sketch these characters with little effort. Keeping in mind how simple these characters are, some individuals in the community have up with their own version of these Among Us astronauts.

The fact that the community wants to indulge in making art with respect to Among Us, and artists showing how to draw Among Us characters, goes on to display the kind of impact the game has had on the community.

The social deduction game rose to popularity when the pandemic was at its peak. It provided people the kind of social interaction that they were desperately looking for.

Although the craze behind this game has dwindled quite a bit, the community has somehow managed to keep the hype behind Among Us alive.

On 31 March, Innersloth Studios released their long awaited Among Us Airship map. Although it's been delayed for a while, the map comes as a breath of fresh air for the game and for the community.

Apart from the artwork, the community has also indulged in making mods for the game, which yield some really funny gameplay moments.

Among Us seems to be gaining ground on its lost popularity thanks to a recent update. While the game still has a dedicated fan base, how long the game stays relevant is something which remains to be seen.

Edited by Gautham Balaji
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