Corpse Husband has a blast playing drunk Among Us with squad ft. Valkyrae, Sykkuno and more

Image via InnerSloth Studios
Image via InnerSloth Studios
Amitesh Dhar

Recently, popular streamers like Corpse Husband, Sykunno, and Valkyrae indulged in a drunk game Among Us, and the result was hilarious.

Among Us is a fun game, but playing it drunk provides new challenges and a bit of zing to the experience.

Drunk Among Us ft. Corpse Husband, Valkyrae, Sykunno, and others

Corpse pitched the plan to Sykunno while playing a game of Rust. Sykunno agreed to the plan, provided the rest of the clan agree to play the game.

Jacksepticeye suggested that Corpse was applying peer pressure on Sykunno. Corpse defended himself by stating that he didn't want Sykunno to agree to the game based on everyone else's decision. He wanted Sykunno to agree to the game of his own volition.

The next person on the list that needed convincing was Valkyrae, who was very open to the idea. Valkyrae also said that she was a lightweight and would get drunk in no time.

Corpse then spoke about day drinking. Valkyraye followed up by asking him about the difference between drinking in the day and drinking at night.

Corpse then stated that he would take a drink for every drink that every other person took. This got Valkyrae to question Corpse's tolerance to alcohol. When asked what their favorite drink was, Sykunno promptly responded with "water."

After observing this Among Us streaming session, the highlight was the bond that these individuals share. There were some hilarious moments litterd through the stream. There was a real familial feeling to it all.

Among Us managed to give people a form of social interaction that was ideal during the pandemic. Despite only being a game, Among Us managed to build strong bonds. This is extremely impressive when considering that people have been restricted within the four walls of their house for the last 12 months.

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