Among Us: Emergency maintenance leads to second wave of anti-hack updates

(Image Credit: GameSpot)
(Image Credit: GameSpot)

Despite updating the Among Us servers only a few days ago, a new wave of hacks and spam overtook Among Us yesterday, prompting the developers to initiate an emergency maintenance period. Will this one help solve the problem of hackers ruining Among Us for everyone else?

Among Us inundated with chat spam

The most visible issue in Among Us over the last couple of days was a spammer who managed to flood everyone’s chat logs with an advertisement for a YouTube channel and discord server, in addition to a racist and pro-trump political message.

Naturally, this upset a number of players both due to the outright rudeness of the hacker in question and because Among Us relies heavily on being able to communicate, and this hacker made it difficult for anyone to actually share information or ask questions at all.

What can you do about this Among Us hacker?

According to Innersloth, this hack seems to be mostly limited to the North American servers and only happens in public lobbies. Therefore, if you can organize a game through Discord, even through a public discord server made to help find players, then you can create a private lobby and play in peace.

No matter what, you should avoid giving the hacker’s channels any attention, not even to angrily comment, as YouTube rewards such engagement.

Will Innersloth be able to keep up with the amount of Among Us hackers?

This event raises the question about whether or not the developers can keep up with the deluge of hackers and malicious players in Among Us. They have proven themselves as capable developers, with both the creative vision and work ethic necessary to produce and add content to a game like Among Us, but at a certain point it does seem like they’re out of their depth.

This is further compounded when you consider that, of the three developers for Among Us, only one of them is a programmer. This means that just a single person is responsible for both the implementation of new content, maintenance and removal of bugs, server optimization, and anti-cheat systems.

While I know all the developers at Among Us have been hard at work doing everything they can to manage the game that has become a global sensation, it may be time for them to consider bringing on some help to the team. At the very least, a few people skilled at anti-cheat systems would allow Forest to focus his attention on other parts of the game.

Everyone wishes the best for Innersloth, but managing a game of this size may be more than a three person job.

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