Among Us: Update and patch notes

(Image Credit: SuperJeffoMan - Newgrounds)
(Image Credit: SuperJeffoMan - Newgrounds)

Among Us received its first update since the game was discovered by millions of players worldwide. This Among Us update brought the beloved beta features into the live game, giving non-PC players a chance to try them out.

Among Us patch notes

For anyone who has played the beta version of Among Us, these will look familiar. According to Innersloth’s Steam newspost, this update:

  • Added Anonymous Voting option
  • All votes appear as grey
  • Added Task Bar Modes
  • Always mode works like normal
  • Meeting mode only updates the bar during meetings
  • Invisible mode removes the task bar entirely
  • MIRA: Comms sabotage clears the security logs
  • Added symbols to fix wires task
  • Added cosmetics to meeting screen
  • Various bug fixes

These features have added new angles to play at, while giving playgroups the option to make some strategies harder.

Plans for the future of Among Us

In addition to releasing the patch notes, Innersloth published a small post about their plans for future development. According to their newspost, Innersloth hopes to have accounts added to the game by December. By having players register an account, it would give Innersloth another tool for tackling the problem of cheaters in Among Us, allowing players to report accounts and for Innersloth to outright ban offenders.

In addition to the planned security features, Innersloth announced they were still developing the new map. They revealed that the map would be Henry Stickmin themed, and that it would be larger than Polus with completely new tasks. This map will also be released as a free update rather than as DLC.

Lastly, they talked about hopes to improve quality of life features, such as colorblind support and localization/translation. Innersloth has already made some steps towards making Among Us more inclusive by adding symbols to the “wires” task in the game, but they have called this merely a “first pass.”

How is Among Us development progressing?

There’s no way around it, development for Among Us is slow. However, a lot of this is understandable as Innersloth has had a lot to deal with in a relatively short period of time. Their game seemed to take the world by storm only a few months ago, and managing the influx of resources and attention has been a job of its own.

In addition to this, development seemed to stall in response to the hacking epidemic that swept through the game. Innersloth is still taking steps to address hacking, though it may take a while before they finally have it fully under control.

For a three person team, Innersloth seems to be handling development on Among Us as well as can be expected under the circumstances. With these three at the helm, Among Us will almost certainly have a bright future ahead.

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