"That's the worst idea I've seen ever": Sykkuno and Pokimane share their thoughts on the new Among Us map

Pokimane and Sykkuno shared their reactions to the new Among Us map recently
Pokimane and Sykkuno shared their reactions to the new Among Us map recently

While testing out the new Among Us map, YouTube stars Pokimane and Sykkuno have shared their opinions on the map and what they believe is needed to make it better.

"Airship" is the latest map added by the developers and looks like one of the largest maps to date. As is customary with a new addition to a game, longtime players like Pokimane and Sykkuno weighed in on its viability and place in the game.

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Pokimane and Sykkuno share thoughts and improvements for new Among Us map


While testing out the new map with the OfflineTV squad, Pokimane seemed to have periodic issues with the map which she expressed in a few anecdotes.

"So, what I think about the new map. I just think the map is kind of too big, it’s too much. I love a lot of parts of it, but together it’s a lot.... If someone has to do a task here, then a task elsewhere would be really really hard to check unless you are with someone the whole time. It makes it hard to get really solid info."

Pokimane also stated that upping the player count to 12 could be a potential change that she'd welcome as the map in its current state just feels too large for the current lobby limit.


Sykkuno weighed in on the new map and the changes being introduced as well. Specifically having an issue with one of the new tasks, Sykkuno struggled to get a grasp of the card swiping mechanic as the metric for success on it seems to be inconsistent.

"Who on Earth came up with this. This is the worst idea. Do I have to go slower? It doesn't even tell me if I need to go slower or faster. I did the same thing and it worked. I literally did the same thing like 20 times and then it suddenly works, who came up with that? That's the worst idea I've seen ever."

The Among Us developers, like most conventional studios, will be keeping their ears to the ground in terms of feedback and will most likely make the necessary balance changes if the community echoes the sentiments of Sykkuno and Pokimane regarding the new map: Airship.

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