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Top 3 times Among Us arguments that spiralled out of control ft Pokimane, Jordan Fisher and more

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda
Amitesh Dhar
Modified 02 Jan 2021, 17:47 IST

In a game like Among Us, where people need to work as a team, tempers are bound to flare. People have their own ideas, and when they're contended, arguments are highly likely.

3 times when arguments got out of hand in Among Us

#1 - Jordan Fisher

Jordan Fisher got ticked off because people constantly brought that he was a professional actor. Lying and keeping calm are two skills that players need to possess in order to be really good at Among Us.

Having an actor in the lobby definitely puts the other players in the lobby at a disadvantage. The others wouldn't be as well-versed when compared to the actor.

However, bringing it up over and over again will be annoying to the person in question, and that's exactly what happened with Jordan Fisher.

#2 - Pokimane


Pokimane has had her moments when playing Among Us. Her most memorable one took place when she got mad at Valkyrae. Valkyrae was accusing Pokimane of being the impostor when she clearly wasn't the impostor.

Pokime was then seen yelling at the top of her voice just to get her point across. Anyone that was under the impression that Among Us is just a game clearly hasn't seen Pokimane play it.

#3 - HasanAbi

HasanAbi is a popular streamer from Canada. When it comes to Among Us, impostors will go to any lengths to get themselves in the clear. They'll even play with a person's emotions.

In one stream with xQc, Hasan got called out for getting emotional. This did nothing to calm the situation as more emotions cam into play.

In a game like Among Us, arguments and fights are inevitable. Be it streamers or non-streaming players that play with friends.

Among Us is an interactive game and dialogue is important. Sometimes small differences in opinion can get blown out of proportion like in the examples mention in this list.

Cantankerous behaviour is only going to lead to suspicion, which isn't ideal for the game anyway.

Published 02 Jan 2021, 17:47 IST
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