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This Among Us mod equips Impostor with invisibility, teleportation, and more

Image via InnerSloth Studios
Image via InnerSloth Studios
Amitesh Dhar
Modified 02 Jan 2021, 15:22 IST

Being an Impostor in Among Us is something many players around the world prefer.

But the regular abilities that Impostor have are "too vanilla" for some, leading to the birth of some very interesting yet funny mods.

The god of all Impostors in Among Us

A YouTuber called Socks1 came up with a mod that made the Impostor so overpowered that those who tried it were confused about what to do and what not to do.

The Impostor could shapeshift into any player on the map. They could also teleport, drag bodies, stop time, and turn invisible. Although it's pretty difficult to spot an Impostor if they're not seen killing anyone, turning invisible makes things even more difficult. Throw shapeshifting into the mix and almost everyone on an Among Us map is 'sus'.

In the video above, two players were seen being Impostors with the powers mentioned above, and it was pretty hilarious to see everyone confused about everything going on.

This wasn't the first time such mods were seen. In another video, Socks1 displayed another mod giving the Impostor the superpowers mentioned above.

However, the Crewmates also had different roles, like "the detective," who could see footprints of everyone on the map. "The jester's" main goal was to trick everyone into believing that they were the Impostor..


Mods like these make Among Us more fun than it already is. But it's best if they were enjoyed in private servers only. Doing this in random Among Us servers isn't recommended as it'd give a particular player the upper hand without everyone's knowledge, leading to a few undesirable circumstances.

It's best to use these Among Us mods with a group of friends on a private server so that everyone knows what is happening deal and people can enjoy it to the fullest. Because these Among Us mods do yield very funny outcomes.

Published 02 Jan 2021, 15:22 IST
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