Why MIRA HQ should be played more in Among Us

Image via InnerSloth
Image via InnerSloth

MIRA HQ seems to be the least-liked map in Among Us, but it actually offers players quite a bit.

MIRA HQ is the smallest and most Impostor-friendly map in Among Us, and for many reasons, it’s one that a lot of playgroups seem to avoid. While Polus and The Skeld are both strong maps, MIRA HQ offers Among Us players something different, and that shouldn’t be ignored.

How MIRA HQ changes the way Among Us is played

This map is unique as it is the only one where all vents are connected in an intricate web. While this might seem like a small change, it actually has a significant impact on the game.

When playing on The Skeld or Polus, playgroups can often come to conclusions about which players could have committed a kill based solely on last-known locations. With MIRA HQ, this ability is almost completely removed, meaning that Crewmates can’t exclude the possibility that someone somewhere was able to vent over to the victim from any corner of the map.

Instead, players on MIRA HQ have to come up with more intricate systems and draw more far-reaching conclusions that can lead to more exciting games. Compared to The Skeld, for example, a body found on the left half of the map almost certainly couldn’t have been done by anyone on the right half.

However, when the entire crew walks to the reactor on MIRA HQ and finds a body in the decontamination hallway, they can’t rule out the possibility that one of their own had done it during a moment where they slipped away.

More tools for the Impostor leads to more game for the crew

This isn’t an isolated phenomenon. While Among Us wouldn’t be any fun if the Impostors were unstoppable, giving them more ways to approach a situation leads to the crew developing new strategies and creating more varied games.

Likewise, MIRA opens up new gameplay mechanics for Impostors as well. While it’s usually possible for them to remain near Crewmates, it’s more difficult for them to score kills on the other maps while doing so.

Only in MIRA HQ can an Impostor follow the crew towards the electrical room, dip out and vent to the reactor room for a quick kill, and return before the lights ever come back on.

These kinds of opportunities are part of what make Among Us so much fun, and why more playgroups should be willing to play on MIRA HQ.

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