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Stephen Amell(left); CM Punk(right)

Arrow star Stephen Amell comments on CM Punk's AEW return

Stephen Amell, lead of the hit TV series Arrow, recently addressed the highly anticipated return of CM Punk to AEW.

The star confirmed that CM Punk would return for Starz's wrestling series Heels Season 2 as Ricky Rabies, a wrestling journeyman. Amell is thrilled about Punk's return, and they were also recently spotted training together.


The duo developed a strong bond after collaborating on Heels. Following the successful debut season, the popular show is set to return on July 28, featuring CM Punk and his wife, AJ Lee.

During a live signing event with Whatnot, Stephen Amell discussed the upcoming premiere of Heels Season 2, his involvement in the pro wrestling industry, and how excited he is about CM Punk's return to AEW.

"Yeah, I'm excited to have him come back. I mean, obviously there's a little bit of drama and stuff like that, but the reason that he's been away for as long as he has been was because he tore his tricep tendon. Which is, believe me, he and I are either roughly the same age. He might be a little older than I am. I might be a bit older than him, actually. I'm not sure," Amell said.

Furthermore, he said their recent leg day workout, which left him feeling sore:

"But I also know how things are healing at my age versus how they healed in my early 20s. So he's taking his time. We worked out on Thursday. It's leg day. I'm still sore." [H/T - Comic Book]
Stephen amell and cm punk

The return of CM Punk to Jacksonville-based promotion has been highly anticipated by fans and is set to take place during the AEW Collision premiere on June 17.

Wrestling Veteran Konnan's take on CM Punk's AEW comeback and wants to see a heel turn


Wrestling veteran Konnan recently shared his thoughts on the highly anticipated AEW comeback of CM Punk.

During an episode of the Keepin' It 100 podcast, Konnan expressed his desire to see Punk return to AEW as a heel.

"Here's the thing. I'm not a fan at all of him [CM Punk] coming back as a babyface because first of all, he got a lot of boos and he is a way way better heel, you know. I'd rather have him come back as a heel, then I'd be interested," said Konnan.
I loved the dramatic pause from Tony Khan when he announced CM Punk in the main event at #AEWCollision.

#AEW #AEWDynamite


Punk would be making his highly-awaited comeback in a return match, teaming up with FTR against the Bullet Club Gold members and Samoa Joe, generating significant buzz among the fans.

Would you like to see CM Punk turn heel? Sound off in the comments section below.

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