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The Bloodline is the most dominant faction in WWE

"Bloodline story has nothing on this" - Fans go wild after WWE legend challenges 7-time World Champion to a first-time ever match

The Bloodline storyline is arguably the biggest storyline in WWE right now. It has kept fans captivated for the last couple of years. However, with Forbidden Door 2 fast approaching, fans have something great to sink their teeth into.

Former WWE Champion Bryan Danielson challenged seven-time IWGP World Champion Kazuchika Okada to a blockbuster dream match. This will be the first time the two wrestling legends are going to face off in the squared circle and this is one of the biggest dream matches of modern times.


The American Dragon challenged Kazuchika Okada, cutting a scathing promo on the Japanese legend. You can see the tweet of the promo here.

"You call yourself the Rainmaker? When you step into the ring with me, and you're getting into the f**king DESERT... there ain't gonna be NO RAIN." Bryan Danielson said.

Bryan Danielson was set to face Zack Sabre Jr at last year's Forbidden Door but an injury prevented that match from happening. Fans exploded on social media after the announcement of this match.

@DrainBamager Bloodline story has nothing on this
@DrainBamager That was great and so effective WOW
@DrainBamager Once again ..aew is the best thing to happen to wrestling in years
@DrainBamager Damn excited for this match

WWE veteran blasted AEW's booking of Bryan Danielson

Bryan Danielson let his contract with WWE expire before jumping ship to AEW. He debuted at All Out 2021, confronting The Elite after the main event.

Speaking on the "Hitting the Turnbuckle" podcast, WWE veteran Justin Credible claimed that Tony Khan has done a horrible job at booking the former WWE Champion.

"I know Bryan Danielson very well, I mean he was one of the biggest stars on the planet just a couple of years ago, and they've done a horrible job with him."

He continued:

"Not to have him [Danielson] in some way pick these guys' brains, I just would imagine that everybody would have come together a lot easier. I think there's so much ego involved, it blows my mind, because ECW, the way it worked was there was no ego. I just feel like people are being paid good, maybe too good, and they're just like, 'F**k this, let me just do the bare minimum what I'm asked, let's ride this train till the wheels fall off, make our money and go home.'" [H/T Wrestling Inc.]

Bryan Danielson has wrestled in many world title matches and main evented the most recent AEW pay-per-view Double or Nothing 2023 as part of the Anarchy in the Arena match.

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