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Taking a look at some of the memes from the series (image via Pierrot)

10 Naruto memes only true fans can decipher

Naruto is arguably one of the most popular and successful shonen anime series. Much like every popular anime series, the fanbase has made numerous memes about certain show aspects.

Some of the memes celebrate infamous dialogs, while some mock the behavior of certain characters when they face certain people. Let’s look at some of the most popular memes that only Naruto fans will understand.


10 Naruto memes that true fans will understand


1) Akatsuki Meme


This meme is quite popular on YouTube and has made its rounds on several social media platforms such as Reddit. This meme is quite popular since it’s taken from that scene when Itachi introduces the organization to the entire fanbase. Members of the organization are compared to inanimate objects or other things that remind the characters of the members’ interests or characteristics.

2) Kakashi 50 Shades of Grey

Fifty shades of grey seems to be very inappropriate I'm glad it is not sold in the leaf village

Kakashi is well-known for reading Jiraiya’s Makeout Tactics book at all times. The first time we saw him do this was during the bell test. During this time, he was reading a book about ways to get a woman’s attention, and it was pretty perverted too. Fans instantly connected to people reading Fifty Shades of Grey publicly and believe Kakashi did this before erotic novels were cool.


3) Don't pause, Naruto

Don't ever pause Naruto

Fans have noticed that the series has certain moments where the animation quality is questionable. Ever since fans discovered this, they have paused the seriousness on numerous occasions and have taken screenshots to show how bizarre some of the characters look in some of those frames.

4) Young Sheldon Shippuden

Big Bang Theory being compared to Naruto Shippuden (image via Aminoapps)

There is no doubt that Big Bang Theory is one of those shows that many people have criticized mainly because the content is quite harmful. The relationships that the characters share don’t progress during the series. Some fans have created a crossover meme comparing this series to Naruto Shippuden since there are a ton of fillers that ruined the overall experience that the show had to offer.

5) Rasengun


Rasengan is Naruto’s go-to move, and he seemed to have used it in too many situations, which has led to fans mocking the protagonist of the series. Every time a strong opponent is introduced in the series, Naruto seems to rely on this move. Owing to the pronunciation of this move, fans have replaced the word “Rasengan” with “Rasengun” to show that the gun would have been more effective in that situation.

6) Chidori went wrong


Chidori is one of Kakashi’s most popular jutsus in the entire series and has been used on numerous occasions. He used the technique against Zabuza and used it when he accidentally killed Rin, which changed the entire course of the series. This meme talks about a girl giving Kakashi her heart, and in response, he uses that technique since he tears through the chest cavity when he uses the technique.

7) Sasukay Uchiwa


When it comes to most anime series, fans usually prefer watching the entire thing in Japanese audio with subtitles. This is because the voice actors do an excellent job with these shonen protagonist roles. However, some dub artists have failed to capture the essence of the character, and some have downright messed up the pronunciation of specific names. The French dub is infamous for the voice actor’s pronunciation of Sasuke’s name

8) Rasengan name

Rasengan naming meme (image via Pierrot)

There have been numerous jokes about how Naruto has failed to develop unique names for his attacks. If we look into some of the strongest jutsus he ever used in the entire series, many of them are just variations of the Rasengan. The names aren’t all that different either and are some weird variations of the same move. Fans think that the protagonist was quite lazy in naming some of the attacks he has used throughout the Naruto series.

9) When in doubt, Rasengan

Fans are making fun of the protagonist using Rasengan all the time (image via Ranker)

Kakashi is always calculative and attempts to come up with the best possible strategy before engaging in combat. However, our beloved character isn’t the same since he lets his emotions dictate his move while engaging an enemy. People created this meme because it’s an accurate representation of how Naruto behaves in most situations when Kakashi is trying to diffuse the situation.

10) Talk no Jutsu

Every Naruto fan has made fun of the protagonist for his ability to talk to some of the most infamous villains and turn them into his allies. There have been numerous instances in the series, including when he used it on Nagato, Kurama, and even Obito Uchiha. This is why some fans have lumped this with some of the most potent weapons, such as the Samehada and Madara’s Gunbai.

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