When does Naruto Shippuden actually start to get good?

Naruto Shippuden has gone on to be one of the most iconic anime of all time (Image via Shonen JUMP)
Naruto Shippuden has gone on to be one of the most iconic anime of all time (Image via Shonen JUMP)

Naruto Shippuden is a milestone anime and an iconic manga that belongs to the Shonen Hall of Fame, and for good reason.

Following a vast and epic story, Naruto Shippuden does justice to every character it introduces and emotionally gets quite heavy as it progresses. However, as with many long-running shonen, Shippuden fails to maintain a taut storyline throughout the anime.

The blame goes to the filler episodes and the fact that Shippuden takes quite a while to pick up the pace (example: the Gaara retrieval arc).


Although the anime connects various minor and major plot points sprawled across the storyline that require some explanation to connect the dots, fans will agree that specific episodes could be made shorter.

When exactly does Naruto Shippuden get more exciting and fast-paced?

Now, everyone is aware of the ungodly amount of filler episodes that this series contains, so it is a given that after almost every fast-paced arc, there are filler episodes to ease the tension.

But in general, it can safely be said that the series starts picking up the pace after the first arc in the series: the Gaara retrieval arc. However, note that this arc has some insane moments as well, like Sakura proving herself in the fight against Sasori.

Not to mention this is the arc where viewers are introduced to Kakashi's Magekyo Sharingan: Kamui. Furthermore, viewers are greeted with a rematch between Kakashi and Itachi.

However, the arcs following this one pick up an insane pace, and viewers can hardly catch a breath unless they are indulging in the filler episodes.


The arc that picks up immediately after the one mentioned above is the resumed Sasuke retrieval arc. Although it is not as fast-paced as the ones that follow, it sets the wheels of Naruto Shippuden in motion. And it is where the story of the anime gets fascinating.

The following arcs move at a tremendous pace, and viewers are hit with one shocking and tragic incident after the other. Players can hardly catch a breath as they witness the deaths of Asuma Sensei, Itachi, Jiraiya, and Pain, and marvel at Naruto's new jutsu and his revered Sage Mode.

The ninja legend that began with Naruto saw its conclusion in Naruto Shippuden, and gifted fans one of the greatest stories in the world of anime and manga in the process.

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