Goku and Vegeta looking as young as ever (Image credits: Akira Toriyama/Shueshia, Toei Animation, Dragon Ball Super)

5 Dragon Ball characters who aged with grace (& 5 who aged poorly)

Dragon Ball was released almost 40 years ago, on December 3, 1984, introducing us to Goku when he was just a 12-year-old kid trying to keep his grandpa’s last gift safe. Today, Goku is in his late 40s, and while he (along with some others) have aged gracefully, the rest have not been as fortunate.

In this list, we bring to you some of the Dragon Ball characters who have aged like fine wine, and others who still have cause to remember their youthful days fondly.


Disclaimer: This list will contain the author’s opinion and will not be in any order. It will contain minor spoilers for Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super.

Who among the Dragon Ball characters look just as good as now as they did in their youth?

1) Goku

Happy Birthday to this GOD
How old do you think Goku is today?
I’d say somewhere between 42-45

Despite being in his late 40s, Goku looks almost like the same young Saiyan we reconnected with, during his early 20s, at the beginning of Dragon Ball Z.

But this lack of ageing has an explanation: At the end of the Cell saga, Goku decided to stay dead, and he is not brought back to life until nearly the final bend of that arc. This makes Goku’s physical age around 35 years old. Adding to that, Goku’s Saiyan heritage makes him able to prevent visible sings of ageing, until he is at least 80.

2) Vegeta


Vegeta is supposed to be a few years older than Goku, since he saw him as a little kid when Goku was sent to Earth while he was still a Baby. So, their age difference should not be too wide. But when we consider all the years Vegeta spent inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber during Dragon Ball Z, the margin increases significantly.

Vegeta is physically 50 years old, or at least close. And like Goku, his Saiyan heritage has prevented him from looking his age. Because of the Saiyans' warrior nature, and the fact that they used to make a living by conquering planets, they needed to be in their prime for longer, which explains Vegeta's continued youth.

3) Bulma


We met Bulma at the same time as Goku. Similar in age to Vegeta, she was already 16 at the beginning of the series, making her close to 50 years old at the time of Dragon Ball Super. But she still looks like she did back in her 20s.

The answer to that was given to us in Dragon Ball Super: Broly: Bulma has wished to be five years younger several times throughout the series. When asked why she only does it at five year intervals, she said that otherwise it would be too noticeable. In this way, Bulma has a lot of time and wishes, before she starts to show her real age.

4) Future Trunks

Future Trunks was 31 years old in dragon ball super... which makes perfect sense considering he was older than gohan in the cell saga but... still I always felt he was younger than gohan in super for some idiotic reason

After seeing Future Trunks again during Dragon Ball Super, we have noticed several changes from his previous version. His hair is blue instead of purple, his outfit has changed and he is far more somber than before. But it has been confirmed that he is the same one from the Android saga.

And even with this changed appearanche, he still looks as young as we remember. He is supposed to be 31 years old, but once again, the Saiyan genes prove to be one of the best remedies for ageing.


5) Beerus

We don’t know how old Beerus is at the moment, but we know he is approximately 200 million years old when we first saw him. And even though that incredible age would lead most to believe he is immortal thanks to his role as the God of Destruction, that is not the case.

Beerus was confirmed to age by Whis when he asks Goku if he would take the God’s role after Beerus is old enough to retire. Although he is not an youngling, and his manners and temper show that he is older than most, he is in no way old-looking.

The Dragon Ball characters who have shown signs of ageing

1) King Piccolo


King Piccolo was able to wish for his youth to be restored during Dragon Ball, but before this wish, his body was already showing signs of his age. His wrinkled body and slower and weaker moves when compared to his final fight against Goku were clear indicators of this.

And King Piccolo knew knew age was going to continue to deteriorate him, which is why he wanted his youth back, to be able to rule the world with no one to stop him. Although that did not last long.

2) Grand Elder Guru

The oldest of the Namekians still residing in their home planet, Guru was the leader of his people, the wisest and oldest Namekian alive. His role was similar to Kami’s: protect his world and take care of the Dragon Balls, since they were attached to his life force.

But he was not as graceful with ageing as his Earth counterpart. He barely opened his eyes most of the time, and was not able to move around a lot. At least he was finally able to get the rest he deserved after Frieza’s invasion to Namke.


3) Mr. Satan

Mr Satan lesson for the day:
When going bald , do so gracefully....or just pray some day it's no longer cannon!!

Time was not as kind with little Pan’s other grandfather. Mr. Satan was already looking a little older than the rest during his first appearance in the Cell Saga, and he is one of the few characters that we have seen age through the series.

In Dragon Ball Super, even though the changes are not all there, he looks a little more wrinkly and less muscular than before. Even then, he looks young enough to pass off as someone of a similar age to Goku’s.

But during Dragon Ball Z’s latest episodes, we can see that time really took its toll on him. While Goku looks young and unageing, Mr. Satan is already balding and his wrinkles are becoming more noticeable. At least he still has the gratitude of the people for saving Earth.

4) Mercenary Tao


Although he was never young looking, Mercenary Tao wasn’t an old man when we met him all the way back in the first series. He was a skilled and powerful warrior who became one of Goku’s oldest enemies. Until a grenade exploded near him.

He was upgraded with some robotic modifications to his body, that would allow him to fight and work again. But this modification would still not allow him to shine. Despite the added power of the robotic parts, was never able to win. And by the time he met the Saiyans again, he was merely a joke character.

5) Great Lord Kaioshin

The predecessor of the actual supreme Kai that was sealed inside a sword by a short-tempered Beerus. While still young, Kai was forced to fuse with a witch when she took one of the Potara earrings he had on him while distracted. He gained some new magical powers but also started looking old and wrinkly.

Since then, he has just gotten older, but he is content with the way he looks, provided he can keep the great powers he got from the witch. He is the oldest looking Dragon Ball character as of now.

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